How to Win the Temple Run 2 Game with Ease?

Temple Run 2 is a simple and yet challenging game that has won the hearts of millions of people of all age groups from across the world.

Interestingly, this game can be played online on your computer, as well as on your iOS, Android or Windows smartphone if you download and install it from the app store. After the first release, the number of characters in the Temple Run 2 game has increased from four to ten.

Tips to Succeed When You Play Temple Run 2

The popular Temple Run 2 arcade game can be quite addictive and calls for a lot of action. As you escape with the idols, you will have to pass through different types of obstacles. Some of the obstacles that you navigate through include unsafe cliffs, forests, mines and zip lines, to mention just a few. The following are some ways you can gain a good score when playing the game.

Focus on completing stage objectives. As you complete missions, you will not only find yourself facing more challenges, but also gaining more coins as a bonus. It always pays to have some extra coins handy when you play this game. Spend your coins on power-ups rather than indulging them on Head Start. Another good way to earn more coins even before you begin your escape is to connect with social media. Liking the Temple Run 2 game on Facebook or following it on Twitter can help you gain 250 free coins and a gem. Avoid focusing on gems and power-ups on the path edges. Apart from being tempting, they can distract you and make you run into problems. Pick up green gems that you come across. They are often located at the summit of a sloping track. These gems can save your life and also help if you have to restart your game.

When you see a cliff hanger, stop running and take a leap. Avoid panicking and jump onto the safe side rather than running right into one. A jump is also a good solution when you find two obstacles, one immediately after the other. However, you must remember to time your jump before you indulge in the action. This way, you may be able to overcome two obstacles at one go. Sometimes, you may have to do a combo movement, such as jump and slide. Keep your mine cart in Temple Run 2 tilted to the correct side right from the beginning, instead of tilting it when you feel the time is right.

Ensure that you upgrade your abilities as and when you can. You can upgrade each of your abilities a maximum of six times. Prioritizing your upgrades is a good idea. A good order for prioritization is the value of coin, coin magnet, power meter, save me reducer, pickup spawn, boost distance and duration of the shield. Also, check out the newly introduced feature called special powers in Temple Run 2. Activate them by double tapping your screen. They can help you in critical situations. One of the most common special powers is the shield.

The above are just a few tips for you to get started with, aiming for a victory when you play Temple Run 2. There are oodles of other tips and tricks online that can be just as helpful. However, the best way to become a perfectionist is to play the game often and master every possible move.

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