How to use LINE – Free Calls and Messages on your Mobile

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LINE is a messenger app that is available on mobile or PC. Be close to your loved ones using the free communication provided by LINE. Stay connected with your Wi-FI, 3G or 4G to avail free texts and calls. While exchanging messages, you can also play games. You can download it from LINE website, enjoy and be entertained.

Download and Install LINE

Go to your favorite app store. Search for LINE application, accept permissions and download it. It would not take much of your time for this app to be downloaded. It only has a size of 21MB. After your download is finished, just open the file and then install it.

Configure LINE

After installing LINE, there will be a log-in option. If you already have a LINE account, you can directly login. For first time users, tap or click on “New Users” for registration. On that page, enter your country and mobile number. Your mobile number will be used for identification purposes in the future. It would not be visible to others. A next pop-up will be shown, read the terms of service and privacy policy then tap “Agree with Terms and Verify”, and then choose “OK”. After that, you will receive a verification code. Copy the numbers and enter it in the space provided. If you haven’t received any verification code, or you accidentally deleted it, you have the option to take it again. Next page will be configuring your friends list, you have the option of auto adding your friends and you can also allow others to add you.

Next step, LINE will ask you to put your name and photo for your profile then choose “Register”. Wait for a moment until it fully loads. You need to have your email address for the next step and a password. Enter the necessary information then tap “Register Now”. You are done for registration; you will now see the LINE interface.

Call and Chat with LINE

You have now your own account and your friends are now registered to your list. Tap on your friend you want to talk to then select whether to chat, free call or video call. LINE will also indicate if your calls are cancelled and will also tell you the calling time. On the chat box, there are many options. You can have your stickers; just select “Stickers” on the top side. Emoji and Emoticons are also available, feel free to choose. Enter your desired stickers, emoticons and text; choose send. Enjoy free and live chat with your friends and family. It is easy to use and is reliable.

For mobile, LINE application can be used by Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Nokia Asha and Firefox OS. It is also available for PC use with Windows, Windows 8 and MAC operating system. Enjoy free messaging and calling with one-on-one or group chats. Have more fun with expressions in chats using emoticons and send it to your chat mates. This connection has privacy protection and is secured.

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