How To Use Google Maps Without Internet Access

Google Maps is used daily by a lot of people from all over the world. It is used to find the routes quickly, to get to a place safely, or other situations are when some people visit a town and they need directions not to get lost. But what if you don’t have credit to use the internet or you can’t find a Wi-Fi network to connect to? This is when you would want to use Google Maps offline, but to do that you’ll have to save the maps offline.

In order to view a map when you don’t have an internet connection, first you will have to have the map saved on your device. Let’s say you plan to go to New York, but you don’t know the town very well and you will not be able to access the internet over there.

While at home, or somewhere where you have internet connection, open Google Maps and go to the area you want to save, for example New York. To save the map, you will have to tap the search bar and then tap “save map to use offline”. After that, select position on the map, as you like (zoom in if you want to see additional information such as bars, companies, etc) to see it offline and, after that, tap “save map to view offline”.

After saving the file to your phone, you can go (while in offline mode) to your profile page and there you will be able to see the saved maps. Just click on the map you’re interested in, and you will see it as it would be online.

Have you ever used Google Maps? Did this application help you when you were in trouble?

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