How Is Subway Surfers Better than Other Arcade Games?

Subway Surfers has become a household name after being hugely successful in the Android market.

It is one of the most played and downloaded games on the app stores and has been a major crowd puller since its inception. The game has become a rage and an addiction among both the gamers and non-gamers. The game, being free on the app stores, has further made itself accessible to a large number of people who have smartphones and do not prefer spending money to buy games and apps. But why is it better than other arcade games? Let’s check out why.

A Plethora of Tricks

The game packs in a variety of tricks which enhance the quality of the game and attracts the users. The game, though a typical arcade one, has many add-ons like skateboard, jumping boots, jet packs and other things which break the monotonous nature of the game and make it more interesting. The game involves running on rail tracks, but this monotonous action is also broken by the running trains and dead ends which allow players to jump over the trains and dodge barriers and other challenges. So the game is replete with tricks and challenges that make it stand out from other arcade games, which are often really repetitive and become a bore after some time. The challenges and barriers in Subway Surfers maintain the interest of the gamers and often are a reason for their addiction to the game.

Additional Options

The game provides a number of additional options to enhance the personality of the onscreen player, or to enhance the powers or to add extra lives. These options are available for everyone who wants to avail them by paying some amount of money. These include getting extra power jet packs, crossing levels, having extra lives, getting power ups etc. Such options help players to surpass some level at which they might be stuck for long and thereby proceed to the next level. Thus, it prevents frustration among gamers, who are caught at the same point for long, by providing them a way to bypass it. Other games often do not provide such options and hence they become very difficult to complete after a certain point.

Computer Integration

After the advent of Bluestacks software, which converts the computer into a fully functioning android based mobile screen, playing games has become much easier. However, many high end games are not compatible or have problems while being operated by the keyboard and mouse. This problem is overcome by Subway Surfers which easily integrates with the computer based controls and works as fluidly as it would do in any mobile phone. This makes it a much played game, by the people who do not have a smartphone and use the computer to use the Android app store. The game can be synced easily with social media sites even while being operated from the computer, making it a greatly loved desktop game too.

These are some of the reasons that have made Subway Surfers one of the most downloaded arcade games and better than most of them.

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