GTA 5 – The Game of the Modern World

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The latest edition of the Grand Theft Auto is a rage among the gamers and has made it to the living rooms of most game fanatics by the means of their XBoxes and PS4s.

The Grand Theft Auto games, conceptualized, programmed and released by Rockstar Games, have been among the top played games of all times and the latest launch also lives up to the expectations of the people. The Grand Theft Auto 5 or GTA 5 has been launched at a time when the gaming industry is under cutthroat competition and there are gamers aplenty on the planet. As a result, one version each for the PS4, XBox, normal PCs and other gaming consoles has been released to make sure that it reaches every game enthusiast.

The Concept of GTA 5

The game is an action-adventure game based in the modern world. The streets of San Andreas and another city loosely based on Las Vegas are the places where the action takes place. The game is played from a third person’s point of view. There are three protagonists, one at a time, and the player has to be one of the three at any one time and complete missions for them.

The game is replete with killing missions, robbing people, attacking normal people or gangsters, chasing cars and other missions which are given by the game. There is so much to do in the game that the users stay miserably addicted. The inclusion of so many missions – some action packed, some plain chase forms and some just driving cars or racing them – is what makes the game different from the rest. It is not a typical arcade or action game, but a mix of both. This is what makes it so addictive and a favorite among gamers.

The Controversy

The game has also come under some controversy. The famous actress Lindsay Lohan has alleged that one of the characters used in the game is based on her. The style of dressing, the look, the hairstyle and the way she talks and carries herself, are very similar to the actress’ way of life. Also, she says, some of her dresses which had been up for auction, some years back, have been used in the game. And all this has been done without her permission; so in a way, the game makers want to trade on her image and publicity.

The game has a lot of killing, bloodshed and brutality and its treatment of women is particularly very poor. This is the reason why Lohan has dragged the game makers to the court as she does not want to be associated with such a game, even unknowingly. Though the makers are yet to comment or reply on this allegation, there are talks that some out of court settlement might be discussed.

Whatever be the case, GTA 5 is a great hit among the teens and other gamers and is unlikely to go off the racks so soon. The controversy has already caused the sales to pick up over fears that it might be removed from the market.

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