GoPro Hero 4 Specs And Features – Release Date March 2015

Over the years, GoPro has continued to produce some of the world’s best and most popular action cameras yet. This has raised the worth of this company to more than $3 billion. The GoPro line of cameras is released in a sequel with the last release being the GoPro Hero 3+. There have been lots of rumors about the release of a GoPro Hero 4 and this was confirmed a few days ago by the GoPro team.

With all the wonderful specs that came with the other GoPro Hero series, it is only logical to expect even better changes and specs in the GoPro Hero 4 edition. Since the release of the GoPro Hero 3, close to a year ago, the GoPro team has been working on the next edition, which is expected to come out anytime in March 2015.

The Hero 3+ came with a list of great features, such as low-light performance, 4K video capture, waterproof enclosure as well as a 1440p video capture that runs at 48fps. So, what can camera addicts expect from this latest edition?

Specification Improvements Expected In the Hero Edition 4

If you compare the specs in Hero 4 and those that come with the Hero 3, you will notice some major improvements. The GoPro Hero 4 comes with an improved sensor with 13 MP as opposed to 12 MP in its predecessor. Also, GoPro Hero 4 allows you to capture 4K videos that run at 30fps which is higher than the 15fps in GoPro Hero 3. It is also possible to record videos that have a 1080p resolution at 120fps which is higher than the 60fps in the predecessor. GoPro Hero 4 makes it possible for you to take 240p videos at a 720p resolution.

With these high resolution capabilities, this camera is expected to make it much easier for you to take clear images and videos under water.

The Electronic Image Stabilizer

For the longest time, GoPro Hero users have been complaining over the absence of an image stabilizer in the cameras. The image stabilizer is necessary and a core feature in cameras, as it helps in reducing noise presence in shots. Worrying about image stability will soon be a distant memory, since the GoPro Hero 4 comes with an electronic image stabilizer which reduces the instability and noise in photos.

It is reported that the GoPro Hero 4 will also come with a wireless connection feature. This feature is possibly one of the greatest plus points for this camera, since it makes it possible and easy for users to share pictures and videos on social media and other platforms.

An Improved Processor

It is reported that the processor is expected to come with a few changes too. The GoPro Hero 4 is powered by a SoC Ambrella A9 chip that runs on 1GHz as well as a cortex TM A9 processor. This is an improvement from the predecessor and it will allow you to run multiple applications concurrently. Also, the camera is expected to come with extra apps and will also support WDR HDR for tone mapping.

The camera also provides for a viewfinder playback that allows you to playback your favorite shots easily without the need for additional instructions or help for operating the camera. It is also rumored that this camera may come with multiple lenses, and it should sell for almost the same as its predecessor.

These are some of the specifications expected with the new camera – its launch will confirm or correct the speculation.

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