Google Nexus 4 vs Motorola Moto G – Top Specs and Price Comparison

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Choosing the phone that meets your needs isn’t easy, when you have so many options you can choose from. If you’re looking for a budget phone that comes with high end specs, then we have two suggestions for you: Nexus 4 and Moto G. We’ll compare them to see which one is better.

Displays and designs

Both of the phones are equipped with IPS LCD screens, but of different sizes: the Moto G has a 4.5inches screen which supports a resolution of 1280x720pixels and 326ppi. On the other hand, the Nexus 4 has a slightly bigger display -4.7inches, with a similar resolution, only a little bit higher – 1280×768, but it disappoints when it comes to pixel density – 317ppi. The Moto G’s screen is bright, while the Nexus 4’s display gives you the impression that is dark.

Their exteriors are totally different: the Moto G’s back cover is made of plastic, while the Nexus 4 has a dotted glass cover, which produces a chatoyance effect.


The Google Nexus 4 is a fast phone, being powered by a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro chip (1.5GHz). It has an Adreno 320 GPU and 2GB of RAM. The Moto G has a Snapdragon 400 chip with four ARM Cortex A7 cores clocked at 1.2GHz + an inferior Adreno 305 GPU + 1GB of RAM.

Both of the phones come in two variants of internal memories: 8 and 16GB. The Nexus 4 offers faster 3G coverage thanks to its pentaband 42 Mbps DC-HSDPA.


The Nexus 4 has a better primary camera – 8MP which records 1080p and captures images faster. The secondary camera is of 1.3MP – the same as Moto G’s front camera, only that this phone has an inferior primary camera – 5MP.


The Nexus 4 16GB variant costs 284 dollars on Its rival costs 200 dollars.

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