Google Nexus 10 – Specs, Features And Price

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The Google Nexus 10 is a flagship super-high resolution Android tablet. It is made by Samsung and sold by Google.

The Design and Build

The Nexus 10 has a hardened, plastic build that, despite being a fingerprint magnet, feels good in the hand. It is lightweight and weighs about 600g with a soft-touch feel. The back material might not give it a premium-look, but it does help give you a good grip thus avoiding falls.

It has a simple design, having the pogo pins at the bottom, the volume and power buttons up top and an overall slightly curved design that makes it sit well in the hand. It also has amazing front-facing triple channel speakers.

One thing that is somewhat weird about the volume buttons is that when you go from landscape to portrait mode, the volume buttons are backwards. Therefore, the top button brings the volume down and vice-versa.

At the top of the back is a removable panel with magnets underneath. There is also a 5 megapixel camera and flash in the middle. Below that is a 9000mAh battery which can last you days on end with medium use and about 5 hours of screen-on time. It does take some extra time to charge, considering that it is a large battery. However, if you switch from a micro USB charger to a pogo pin charger, it does charge faster.

The Internals

The Nexus 10 has an Exynos 5 dual-core CPU with a Mali-T604 GPU; 2GB RAM and up to32GB of sealed storage. Benchmarks indicate that this is a mid-range device with solid power. Nevertheless, the benchmarks do not translate well into real-life performance.

In terms of performance, the Nexus 10 is super fast. It runs on the stock Android 4.2 Jellybean. The tablet layout for Android has changed. Now you get the same back-Home and multi-tasking software buttons at the bottom. Another change is the split-pull down tray – the one on the left is for regular notifications and the one on the right is to access the quick settings.

The Nexus 10 tablet has a 300ppi or 2560 X 1600 IPS display. It has one of the best looking mobile displays out there. It is, however, not an AMOLED display so the contrast ratios are not quite as high as some of the other tablets. Viewing angles and brightness are very solid.

When it comes to Nexus accessories like smart cover accessories, Google seems to be slacking. There is supposed to be an accessory that clips into the Nexus 10’s back and folds over. The accessory should have a nice soft micro-fiber on the inside and multiple color options. This is simply a smartphone-like cover accessory for the Nexus 10. This tablet even has magnets inside, which wake and sleep the display. This device also has limited apps that have been optimized for it. The tablet is a high-end tablet with high-end resolution and is superb for media consumption.

The Price Tag

The Nexus 10 tablet is in stores. It is an excellent tablet available at a reasonable price. The 16GB edition sells for about $399 and the 32GB edition sells for about $499.

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