Google Maps Free Download – Pros and Cons

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GPS-navigation is becoming more and more popular these days. Its convenience helps a lot of people navigate the world in many different ways. Even with its useful features, there are also backtracks you have to avoid while using these kinds of applications.


  1. You will always know where you are or where to go – this is the sole purpose of Google maps: to let you know where you your current location is and to help you get to where you’re supposed to go. It gives you directions on different roads you want to take or might want to take.
  2. You can create or view costumed maps – this applies to any location. In your Google account, you can add and save landmarks, lines and shapes as your guide and can open it anytime. You can also print it out for future reference and share it with others. This helps you and others become more aware of the possible routes you can take while on vacation or when visiting unfamiliar places.
  3. You can access suggestions regarding different places nearby – Google maps gives you the option of looking for top restaurants, hotels and other buildings or places that you might want to visit. It also suggests things you can do in certain places. For example – go skating at “name of place” or try the hottest and spiciest food from “name of the place” and it will give directions to that certain place.


  1. You can be too dependent on your mobile phone – when Google maps has already become a daily part of your routine, the tendency of you always checking your phone instead of checking other places and routes by yourself would be higher. Some information from Google maps may already be out of date and may lead you to missing routes or ongoing constructions. You might also miss some actual signs that are on the road and can enter a non-entry location.
  2. You can have less communication with others – since Google maps provides almost all information when traveling, there’s likely to be a lesser chance to interact with real people. Instead of asking real live people who know the place for directions, you can just check your device for directions. You might not know but these directions may take longer than what the person you just ignored might be pointing towards.
  3. It wouldn’t be that fun – sometimes discovering new places will be more fun than just knowing the directions. If you keep asking your Google maps for directions, there would be no adventure to it. Getting lost sometimes is part of traveling and that’s what makes it more of a thrill. Well, this only works for people who can spare some time though.

Before getting caught up in using an application, think of what good it can do for you. Most of all, think of what disadvantages such applications have. This will help you be aware of the risk you might be taking while traveling.

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