Google Maps – User Tricks and Tips for Android Devices

In the past two years, the use of Android devices has skyrocketed and the OS is currently the preferred choice for more than 79% of the world’s smartphones.

In terms of the number of users, the Google OS has more users than the Apple’s OS. iOS and Android OS takes up more than 90% of the market. However, the number of Android users is constantly on the rise.

Android OS phones are growing in popularity mostly because of their customizable interface. It is possible to fully optimize an Android device using apps, personalization shortcuts, widgets and search boxes. Android smartphones come with numerous features and options that can overwhelm even the most experienced smartphone users.

One of the ways you can enjoy using your Android device is by using Google Maps. There are tools, tricks and tips you can use, to make it easy for you to use these maps from your Android device.

Transit and Walking Directions with Google Maps

Most people use Google Maps for driving directions, even though you can also get walking and transit directions from the map. If this service is available for your area, it will be shown by a drop-down list under the destination and location field. The walking and transit directions are customized for you.

Get Alternate Driving Directions by Dragging

Using Google maps, you can get alternative directions to avoid construction and toll areas. You can also opt for a longer route as you sample the scenery. All you have to do is drag the path around to get alternate routes. This is a handy feature and very easy to use.

Embedding Maps on Blogs or Websites

Google Map’s upper right hand side has a link text. By clicking on this link text, you get a URL that you can use, to embed the map into your blog or website. Simply copy paste the code and the map will automatically be added to your blog.

Viewing Mashups

Google Maps offers programmers the ability to hook into and combine Google Maps with other data sources. This allows you to view unusual and interesting maps. With this capability, you can use an application like Gawker Stalker to get the real time location of anyone. You can also get a map that shows where the zip code boundaries in the US are and many other things.

Editing Locations on Google Maps

If your house, office or business is in the wrong place on the maps, you can correct the error by editing the location. However, you cannot edit all locations. Also, the edits show your profile name to avoid abuse.

Sharing Locations

Google has a feature named latitude which allows you to share your location with your friends. It is possible to manually update your location or the maps can do it automatically. This feature can be used on smartphones or computers. It is possible to turn the location sharing feature on and off.

Seeing Locations on Maps without GPS

Using Google Maps for mobile makes it possible for you to know where you, are even without GPS. All you need is a mobile device with a data plan for you to be able to access Google Maps for mobile.

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