Gmail Features – Hidden in Plain Sight

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Most of us have a Gmail account, but how many of us are aware of all the hidden features that we never make use of?

There are many handy features that can be really useful, if you know how and where to find them.


There might have been times when you have sent an important email and mentioned that you are sending an attachment along with it. However, you might have forgotten to make the attachment and sent it anyway. Well, this is now something that cannot happen anymore. The app is able to understand or recognize the word ‘attached’ that you have used in the text body; so before sending the message, it will alert you with a reminder asking you whether you meant to attach files or ‘Send anyway’? You only have to cancel the sending and send it again with the correct attachment.

Using Stars

The star system in Gmail is a very useful feature that enables the user to mark the important mails with a stat, so that he or she can come back to them later. You can use the standard star, which is the yellow one or upgrade to enable adding a range of stars. All you need to do is to go to the Gearbox and select ‘Settings’ and then ‘Stars’. There are various colored stars. You can add a selection of the colors to your messages and later search for the colored stars in the Inbox. You can also type in the star color in the search bar and this will bring up all the emails with the particular color stars in them.

Multiple Addresses

Gmail allows users to create several versions of their email address. For instance, you just need to add a full stop to the email address and Google will send the emails to all the addresses, so you can have various aliases or variations in your identity. This feature can be very useful when you want to sign up for different newsletters or for services.

Using it as a To Do List

Gmail is not merely an email service but can also be stepped up to use as a ‘to do’ list. Go to Mail and Tasks, where a small task bar pops up. Fill in the list and even add a date to it if you want the app to remind you about the occasion on a particular date. When you tick the box, you receive a line strike across the task.

Shortcuts for Keyboard

There are many keyboard shortcuts that you can use in Gmail, in order to save you time. If you want a complete list, just press on ‘?’ when you are in the Inbox. The pop up box gives you all the useful shortcuts, such as Ctrl + Enter, which means Send Message; Ctrl + means, go to the next window; Ctrl + Shift + c, which means that Cc recipients have to be added and so on.
Some Advanced Shortcuts

Most of the basic needs of users have been catered to, by the usual shortcuts. In addition, Gmail also offers many other personalized shortcuts. You can use these for opening new windows or composing a new message or to move to a conversation in the Trash and so on. In order to enable such personalized shortcuts, the user must go to the Gearbox and Select Settings; then Keyboard shortcuts; keyboard shortcuts on; and then Save changes. You can then create a list with a specific letter for composing a new message; another for putting a cursor in the search box for replying to a mail and so on.

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