Garmin VIRB Action Camera – A GoPro Hero 3+ Rival

Take photos in HD resolution and create an album of your unforgettable moments. Capture yourself in different angles. Compile your collection of videos and show people your different adventures. Memories shouldn’t just stay on one’s mind; they should be shown and shared with others as well.


This camera has dimensions of 32 x 53 x 111 mm with a display size of 1.4 inch. The camcorder has an image sensor of 16 megapixel and has an mp4 file type. It can capture high-definition videos with 1080p, 960p, 720p resolution. It has the ability to capture slow motion in 848 x 480 with 120fps. For taking photos, it can take 16 megapixel, 12 megapixel and 8 megapixel resolutions. This camera also has photo burst for continuous high-speed shooting mode and for video time-lapse.

Internal and external microphones are also added. It has HDMI output for connectivity. You can have microSD card up to 64 GB for large files. There are also added accessories like mounts, cables, cases, adapters, extra batteries, remotes and others.


Enjoy recording with high-definition camera of Garmin VIRB. It has a 1080p HD action cam with 16 MP resolution. For any exciting and breathtaking moments, and the camera will help capture the exact memories. It has a lithium battery that can record a video of up to 3 hours. Rain or shine, you can still record because it is durable and water-resistant. This is excellent for movie makers or adventurers. VIRB has the capability to record 1080p with perfect details. You can adjust resolutions for capturing high speed or slow motions. Choose from the multiple video modes such as 1080p, 960p, 720p and 848×480. There is a special feature of this camera that enables you to preview a video on a full-color chroma display.

Garmin VIRB is smooth and glossy for easy use. It has wireless connectivity and allows you to have a remote controller. The camera is also compatible with Garmin devices as remote controllers. It has digital stabilization for adventuring or for free running. Plus a lens that enhances your video.

In photography, VIRB has 16 megapixel that catches every photo you wanted. The picture is captured in undistorted pixels. You can choose a single shoot, burst shot or time-lapse. No worries about switching the camera to video or from video to camera because you can have them both at the same time. VIRB also added a feature for photographers: it made editing easy and has no need for a desktop. Mounts are also available for stable photo or video shooting. You can lock the camera over your shoulder or head for exhibition moves. It works perfectly for biking, swimming, parlor and much more.

These features are meant to capture every second and every single moment in your life. Share them in a beautiful and high graphic file.


Garmin ViRB Action Camera is available in stores. You can visit their website and avail their exciting offers on it. The camera is priced at $299.99.

Special events should always be remembered and shown to others. Even when you’re growing old, those memories can always be seen again by using a camera or a camcorder. Show your most unforgettable moments to your loved ones any time.

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