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More than an Email Identity

Gmail is a free email service from Google, offering much more than just an email identity or sending and receiving messages. The user’s account offers filtering of spam, support for POP3 and IMAP and offers free storage in the cloud up to 5 GB. Gmail is also offered in many languages, including Arabic and Vietnamese. Moreover, Gmail also offers integration to social media along with video chatting features in a safe environment.

Features and Services

One of the most useful features of Gmail is the Google Hangout, which is a video chat app integrated within Gmail. Using Hangout, users can chat with a maximum of nine people simultaneously. Users can share videos, using overlays such as pirate hats, crowns and halos. Users can also chat with anyone in their contact list, so long as you have a web cam on your desktop. Google+ also offers some other social features, such as sharing photographs, commenting on them and so on. All this can be done right from the inbox of Gmail, so the service does not require users to download a separate application for instant messaging.

Gmail can also be used on your smartphone, so long as you have an Internet connection. The Gmail app is available for iOS devices and Android smartphones. This makes it easier for the user to navigate through the account, especially when on the go. There is also a notification feature that users can download. This feature will let the person know when any message has reached the inbox.

Themes and customization

Gmail offers an expanded set of themes for customization of the home page. Users can select favorite pictures and choose from more than 35 HD themes. They can also access customization for backgrounds, colors and labels and folders according to their needs and tastes. However, there is no RSS feed, as Google Reader doesn’t have support for this any longer.

Plenty of Storage

Gmail offers users a maximum of 10 GB of storage in the inbox, which is quite a lot. In addition, users also have access to 5 GB of cloud storage using Google Drive, which is free. Google Docs is merged with the Drive, so if you upload a spreadsheet or a text document to Google Drive, you can edit it in Google Docs. This is a great feature for group work, where the entire team can access the material.

Organized Email Features

Gmail offers one of the most organized email facilities on the Internet. The conversation type of interface is considered one of the top features. Instead of merely showing a list of emails between a person and another co-worker or friend, the sent messages or replies are filtered in a single line with the corresponding messages of that conversation. If the person uploads a picture in the conversation, it shows up in the conversation for easy identification.

Custom filters are also available for sorting messages based on: From; to; subject; has ‘0’ words and so on. Users can also keep the messages in folders with colored labels, starring, forwarding or deleting them.

Security Features

Gmail offers protection from spamming, virus and phishing. Spams are filtered and pushed into a spam folder. Users can also mark messages as spam. All messages, both incoming and outgoing, are scanned to protect against viruses. Suspicious messages are flagged in red on the top of the message. Users are also allowed to report spam or phishing to Gmail, to prevent future occurrences. Downloads don’t start automatically, as the email can be infected. Images are blocked till you enable them.

Gmail, in short, is a top leader in web-based email. It is safe, easy to use and is a free email service with intuitive sorting features.

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