Free Calling Apps: Make Calls across the Globe For Free

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Once more, technology proves that it came to make our lives easier.

Nowadays, you do not need the services of a call service provider to make a simple call across the globe. So long as you are in possession of a smartphone, and a reliable internet network, you can make as many calls as you wish. The best part is that you can make them for free.

Free phone calls are made via applications that carry your messages and transmit data to the other person. However, there is a catch to all this: your partner should also have the application. Currently, these applications are compatible with many different OS’s like Symbian, Android and Blackberry just to mention but a few.

These apps do not just give you free call services; they can be used to send texts (even group chats) and are free to download from your phone’s app store. Here are some of them:

Facebook Messenger

This app was invented later on after Facebook has become a globally used social site. Facebook messenger is more of a shortcut channel for getting to your Facebook account. It, however, also comes with free voice call and free chat services that only use data.

Viber app

This is one of the most popular free calling apps. It can also be downloaded for free and utilizes data connection. There are hundreds of millions of people using Viber globally. It is the highest ranked in the free calling apps business and also the most convenient one.

Kakao Talk

You may not have heard of this app. but it is actually a pretty popular app but not to people living in North America. Just like the rest, it has free calling and texting services. You can also make group calls for free. This makes it a very useful application especially to people, who like calling multiple people, at a go. It is multi-platform with which you can only call people who have this app.


This popular application helps its users to make free calls. LINE currently has over 400 million users worldwide. It also has many features including calling people who do not have the LINE app. Installed in their phones. However, you will have to pay a small fee. You can also use it on your PC too.


This is one of the earliest free voice calling apps around. However, it is facing tough competition from upcoming applications. One drawback in using Skype is that there is a small fee to pay when calling non-Skype users. Even so, Skype is your best bet when you want to use it across different platforms.

MagicApp by Magicjack

This application is unique because it allows you to make free calls to non-majicapp users. The downside is that it comes with regional restrictions. Those living in Canada and the US can make calls to each other for free. The rest of the people have to pay a small fee. Unlike the other apps, this MagicApp by MagicJack only has a feature to make calls. So, if you want an app that also has features that allow texting, this is not the app for you.


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