Four Interesting Free Voice Calls Apps for Blackberry

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Blackberry is a popular smartphone and is available in various models.

Amongst various other features, it houses a plethora of free voice calls apps. These voice calls apps make it very easy for you as a Blackberry user to connect to friends, colleagues or even business partners across the globe. Some of the free voice calls apps provide free services only for calls through VoIP on the same network. Calls outside the network are nominally charged. However, some voice calls apps provide free services for any call you make, irrespective of the network.

A Few Popular Free Voice Calls Apps

The following are some of the commonly used free voice calls apps by most Blackberry users on their smartphones.


TringMe is one of the most well-accepted free voice calls appson Blackberry. This app allows you to make free calls using a Wi-Fi or a 3G connection to numbers in the same network. However, calls made to numbers outside the network are quite affordable. You can also enjoy long distance calls at unbeatable rates. Once you have this app installed, you can use it for other activities such as sending messages and socializing with your friends.

BBM Voice

True to its name, BBM Voice is one of those selected free voice calls apps that are meant to serve exclusively Blackberry users. You can talk to another person in the same network for any length of time for free. The minimum requirements to use this wonderful app are a Wi-Fi connection and a data plan. With this app, multitasking also becomes easy. As you talk, you can access other apps, reply to your emails and send text messages. You can also check for friends in your contact list who are ready to answer a call if you make one.


Compatible on Blackberry GSM handsets that use operating systems of versions above 4.6, this is yet another of those free voice calls apps which is unique for Blackberry phones. You can use this app to receive and make SIP calls. The app also provides you with details of calls status and last made calls. The Redial feature is another interesting feature of this app.


Among many of the free voice calls apps available for Blackberry, Vopium, is one of the first mobile VoIP applications, that was made available, on Blackberry’s app store. A distinct feature of this app is that you do not need a Wi-Fi connection or a data plan to make calls using this app. But, if you do, you can make any call to any number in this network for free. What’s more, you save at least 50 percent on your bills when you make calls to numbers in other networks.

Most of the free voice calls apps can be downloaded and installed from the Blackberry app store with ease. An advantage of these apps is that you can use them for any length of time without having to pay a dime. Thus, if you are not happy with the services of an app, you can always try out another without being apprehensive of spending your hard earned money. It is a good idea to discuss with your friends and find out which free voice calls apps they are using. You can opt for the one that is used by most of them to save on your call charges.

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