Flappy Bird vs. Angry Birds – Which Among The Two Is A Better Choice?

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When it comes to games, you have varying options to pick from. Here, we will discuss two such games that were once hailed to be the best.

We shall take a detailed look ay Angry Birds and Flappy Bird and ascertain what made them so popular.

The Popularity Meter

If you trace the popularity meter which both these games enjoy, you will find that both Angry Birds and Flappy Bird were once phenomenally popular.

Flappy Bird went on to become the top rated app in the Apple’s app store. However, the developer took it down amidst the days of extremely popularity. Angry Birds too had its prime when it was launched.

When Angry Birds was first launched, it created a massive stir, because it brought in a fresh wave of change. It was remarkably different than what most games have been. Soon people were hooked to these tiny little birds with different powers and hurling them on castles and pig became an addicting affair.

However, with time, the popularity started to dwindle as new games came into the limelight. There were other options and the interest factor of people started diverging. Even today, you can find gamers being hooked to Angry Birds but the popularity is nowhere near what it used to be.

As far as Flappy Bird is concerned, there are too many gamers who are waiting for this game to be re –launched. There are similar games that were launched; however, none of them could offer what the original Flappy Bird did.

Is The Interface Similar?

When we compare games, people expect that both the games will have a similar interface. However, in this case, it is not so. Both Angry Birds and Flappy Bird are remarkably different.

While Angry Birds become an overnight favourite among gamers because of the interactive display, eclectic colors and catchy interface, Flappy Bird still makes use of 2D rachis. You will not find catchy colors and bright display in Flappy Bird.

The main concept of the game was simply to save the bird from falling. There are various obstructions in the path and the bird has a tendency to droop down. You need to guide the bird in the right trajectory and the plot in itself is so addicting that it doesn’t matters that the graphics isn’t stunning.

Even with 2D graphics, there were too many gamers who were thoroughly obsessed with Flappy Bird.

Variations and Changes

If there is one point where Angry Birds has a definite upper edge, it has to be the variations which the game has to offer. There are different versions and variations of Angry Birds and you will therefore have too many varied options to pick from. You will never run out of options and choices to pick from when you are playing this game. Flappy Bird on the other hand sports no variation at all as it is the brain child of an individual.

Both these games are diverse and distinct and thus it is hard to pitch one of them to be better than the other.

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