Flappy Bird vs. Angry Birds – The Point Of Difference and Similarities

Owing to the similarity in the name of the games, you might be thinking that Flappy Bird and Angry Birds have a lot to do with each other.

It would be wrong to say that there are no similarities; however, the games are as distinct as they can possibly get.

App History

If you look at the history of both these apps, Flappy Bird was discontinued by the developer because he was of the opinion that the game took away his peace of mind. The game was developed by Nguyen in his spare time and it was known for being extremely difficult. Owing to the extremely difficult levels, it created a growing sense of frustration among gamers.

The developer too got frustrated with the inability to clear the levels and despite the fact that he piled up huge money from the game; he discontinued it and removed it from both Apple app store and Google play store as well.

Angry Birds on the other hand can still be found on the app store. Different versions and updates were launched and even today, you can find an uncountable number of people who are hooked to this game.

There are various versions of the game which are found in the app store. Some of them are available for free, while there are others that can come at a premium. Some of the games are freemium too. Hence, if you look at the app history, you will find that Angry Birds is a game that was launched way back and is still available. Flappy Bird, on the other hand, had a shorter life.

Challenging and Frustrating

While this is a subjective opinion, mostly, you will find the masses would concur to it. Flappy Bird is hailed to be an extremely frustrating game. People often got stuck at some levels and regardless of the number of times they played it; they failed to clear them. This added to their frustration significantly.

Angry Birds, on the other hand is aptly categorized as a challenging game. The game isn’t the easiest to play, but the challenges are not impossible to complete. You have to try hard but you should be able to succeed at it after repeated trials.

The Graphics

When we compare the graphics, Angry Birds seems to have an upper hand. The graphics offered by Angry Birds are captivating and interactive. There is a lot of color in this game and you will love the vibrancy which it offers you.

Flappy Bird only has 2D graphics, which makes it a weak ink. However, the mechanics of the game and its plot are so addictive that people end up playing it regardless of the poor graphics.

These are the key points of similarities and differences and you can assess the same. While Flappy Bird is not available in the app stores, it is likely to make an appearance very shortly. If you are a true gamer, you are likely to enjoy both these games.

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