Finish Daily Challenges to Score High on Subway Surfers

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When it comes to popular games, Subway Surfers is a top choice.

People of different ages have enjoyed the game because it allows them to relax after a long day at work or school. Not only is Subway Surfers a fun game to play, it also brings joy to every player because of the character’s boisterous personality. The character in Subway Surfers is a mischievous teenager whom you will help run away from a police officer who’s chasing him because of a misdemeanor.

Avoiding Obstacles at All Cost

In the game, you will run endlessly, jump as high as you can, change tracks at exactly the right time, collect coins, and most importantly, avoid running into obstacles because you will be caught by the officer and you have to say goodbye to the game. This will lead to the start of the game and you don’t want that because in Subway Surfers, the longer distance you run, the higher your score.

Collect Many Coins So You Don’t Have to Spend on In-App Purchase

However, running as far as possible is not the only thing that will make you score higher. There are several other things you can do to be one of the top scorers in the scoreboard. One of this is by collecting as many coins as you can. This simple task can help you achieve many things in Subway Surfers. In-app purchases are available but if you collected enough coins, there will be no need to spend real cash.

Mystery Boxes

Mystery boxes are also a great way to score better on Subway Surfers. Mystery boxes can contain different kinds of treats such as character tokens, coins, and headstarts. There are also special items that can be found in the mystery box – hoverboards, and 1,500 coins. If you’re really lucky, you can get the elusive jackpot, which contains 100,000 coins.

Complete Daily Challenges

But if you want to know one effective tip to get a high score on Subway Surfers, it’s the daily challenges you should pay attention to. In daily challenges, you have to collect a string of letters that form the word of the day. Doing these challenges daily will lead to bigger rewards. Do the daily challenges for 5 consecutive days to get a super mystery box. If the ordinary mystery boxes have already piqued your interest, think about what a super mystery box can get you.

Get Super Mystery Boxes if You Complete Daily Challenges

The prizes you can get from a super mystery box can range from character tokens x3 to the jackpot. Other prizes in super mystery boxes include x3 headstarts, 40 hoverboards, 8,000 – 50,000 coins. The jackpot in a super mystery box is the biggest coin prize in the game – 300,000 coins. Daily challenges are very important in Subway Surfers. They may be hard to achieve because it means playing for up to 5 consecutive days but if you’ve enjoyed playing Subway Surfers, you really cannot complain. You will look forward to each daily challenge, instead.

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