FIFA 15 Adds Clint Dempsey to Its North American Cover

EA revealed Lionel Messi, as their cover player, for the upcoming game FIFA 15.

During the reveal, they also clarified that while a majority of countries will have Messi on the cover, there will be region specific players as well. These covers will get released only in Europe, USA or whatever the region the developers aim to cover. After a couple of days, Electronic Arts has now shown off a new cover which features Clint Dempsey on the cover. Dempsey is a star player in the United States national team and plays for Seattle Sounders FC. The global covers will be dominated by Messi, who has been featuring for four years now. He has been consequently featured because of his player track record, favouritism among fans and the charisma that he has, which brings a new level of authenticity to the game that EA has been creating.

The official announcement of Dempsey’s inclusion on the cover was revealed during a friendly match that took place between the teams Sounders and Tottenham Hotspur. The player is part of the Sounders team and it is quite a good occasion to reveal his presence in the cover, right before the match. EA has shown off two different covers in which Messi is in the front and there’s another one where Dempsey will be the only featured player. The Playstation 4 and Xbox One will have the player wearing different jerseys according to the contract the platforms have signed.

Microsoft with Sounders

The new cover player Clint Dempsey is seen wearing the Sounders jersey on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 covers. He wears them because Microsoft has a strong tie up with the Sounders team and they most probably have a strong marketing deal to promote the team. On the Playstation 4 as well as the Playstation 3 covers, Dempsey will be seen wearing his red, white and blue jerseys. It indicates his position in the US team and features the uniform worn by the team during the last World Cup match.

The wait has been really long, because, since 2012, FIFA 15 didn’t feature any U.S. players in their cover and it is not only a great honor for Clint Dempsey but also the entire country. During the same year, the game featured Wayne Rooney from England and Rafael Marquez from Mexico. The US player who was featured in 2012 was Landon Donovan and now Clint Dempsey will hold the stature of being a cover star for 2014.

Dempsey had some great goals during the World Cup matches that got over a couple of days ago. He did show some great performance during the Ghana and Portugal matches. FIFA 15 is said to feature a whole new level of visuals, including hair movements, as well as an interactive ground that keeps changing with every fall. The game is scheduled to get released on September 23rd, in North America, while the UK will get it on September 26. It would be a great addition to players who already own new gen consoles and want some worthy titles to play on.


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