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Google is all set to release an all new and an innovative version of the world most popular operating system Android. Android powers more than a billion phones and tablets around the world. It will be called Android 4.5 or 5 (Android Lollipop), it features some mind blowing upgrades and new features from the Android KitKat, guaranteeing a major shift in user interaction.

Massive Technological Changes with the Android Lollipop

Google will really be making a difference with the introductions of HTML 5 integration, aimed at redesigning the users interface and bringing orientation to unify Android platforms with other systems like the internet and iOS.

The re-designed user interface will be known as ‘Moonshine’, which will gave its user a flatter and cleaner look more the iOS 7. The icons will appear more circular and flatter with a more colorful appearance. The navigation buttons will also appear cleaner emphasizing on minimalist approach. This updated version of the Android software is reportedly apart of the ‘Hera’, project seeking to unify platforms like Android, Chrome and Search. There are going to be new 3D icons that slide over each other.

Android users can expect to see a bright red Google+ navigation bar along with a red menu background. Android Kit Kat menu becomes grey to highlight attention to the primary menu, however once Google is finished with the updates, the grey will become red.
Android Lollipop will have a new status bar since the Android Kit Kat did not bring about any visual changes. To start off battery meter looks a little bit different. The signal meter, now has individual rectangles instead of triangles to which we are used to. It will also feature a new and sleek design called ‘Quantum Paper Design’. This design will enable users experience across all platforms to be consistent. This is a representation of Google efforts to maintain a beautiful design across all platforms while using the Google Apps.

Like the iOS 7, Android Lollipop will finally enable 64 bit processing with support for more RAM. This new firmware is also set to introduce its own health services called ‘Google Fit’, in response to Apple’s Health Kit in iOS 8, this new feature will collect and use data from fitness trackers and other connected devices including devices using ‘Android Wear’. Android Wear organizes information, suggests what you need and shows it to you before you even ask.

Also expect to see a new version of ‘Google Now’, which intends to support more services. It currently includes sports, public transport, meetings and stocks. Android Lollipop will also include the highly talked about ‘Kill Switch’, as well as some improvement in how android uses power to help improve battery life.

Enhanced Security Feature along with Television Compatibility

The software giant as made improvements to its security as it surrounds its app store ‘Google Play’, which is targeted by mobile malware. There will also be improvements in device security as it relates to how data is handled from finger print sensors and face Unlock.
Android users can expect a lot from this new upgrade whether it’s running on smartphone, smart TV, smart watches, tablets or even in automobile. The first handset to run the new android platform will either be the nexus phone or tablet.

Believe it or not the Android will be supporting TV, which mean that games, films and TV shows will be on the big screen right from the comfort of user’s home. Android TV will be on some big names like Samsung, Panasonic, Sony and Sharp.

There is certainly no doubt that Lollipop is going to be exciting for android fans around the world. It is definitely going to make the use of Technology more seamless.

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