Far Cry 4 to Feature Smaller but Denser Maps to Explore

The open world action adventure game Fallout 4 is going to be one among the crème of titles slated to hit retail in 2014.

In the same lines of its predecessor Far Cry 3 that got released in 2012, this new title will allow players to explore the jungles and mountains in the Himalayas with the utmost level of freedom. But, Ubisoft confirmed that the map size will not be huge but will rather be the same size as it was already in FC3. From a layman’s perspective, it might sound silly to not extend the size of the map but the developers have a good reason behind it.

In the official blog, they revealed that there were two options available to them before the development began. One is to make it bigger so that players can keep on traveling but will have very little things to do because it won’t be possible to populate every inch of the map, whereas there’s another option to keep the size, but make it densely populated with missions, animals and a lot of other stuff to do so that players could get engaged. “We picked the latter choice because creating a denser world instead of a bigger one sounded more sensible,” said game director Alex Hutchinson.

Powerful Consoles Came to Our Rescue

Talking about the new generation of consoles, the game director said that the team is happy to have access to many powerful consoles this time around because it lets them get creative and not feel obliged to shrink the game to fit the hardware. At the same time, with such good hardware in hand, it might sound confusing for some to understand why the company would opt for the same map size that was used in 2012 when the platforms were not so great. “Ubisoft had the opportunity to elect on this topic. We felt that giving players a more ‘alive’ world to interact with and feel connected is more important than simply giving them more space to explore,” he said. ‘Besides, when we saw Far Cry 4 in the Far Cry 3 map, we felt the map size was good enough and didn’t feel much of a constraint. Instead of going for bigger real estate, we went for density. In fact, sometimes we felt that it could be made even smaller. It allows us to pack in more events, NPCs and enemies doing unusual stuff that will be entertaining to watch.”

Karma Events

The concept of RPG will be incorporated into Far Cry 4 in the name of Karma Events. Players will have the opportunity to do side missions such as helping a villager or kill some enemies along the way. Each action will play a role as they progress which adds more life and density to the title. People assume that bigger means more things to do but bringing them both together in the same platter is difficult which is why we opted for quality rather than quantity, adds the game directory.

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