Fallout 4 Release Date in Bethesda’s Opinion

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Many Fallout series fans are waiting for some good news about the next Fallout sequel. However, until now, Bethesda did not say a word about its release date.

Back in January 2013, Erik Dellums, the voice of the Three Dog in Fallout 3, tweeted about a possible return of the game. Dellums immediately made it clear that Bethesda gave him the permission to say that. However, Bethesda did not comment about that.

After that tweet, many Fallout series fans hoped that their favorite game will get a new sequel. Then, a wave of speculations has spread over the Internet regarding Fallout 4 and its release date and the fans didn’t know what to believe anymore.

Many fans hoped that at this year’s E3, they will finally get a release date of the Fallout 4 or some game play, screenshots or anything “palpable”. Even if Bethesda made it clear that Fallout 4 will not be on the list of the presented games at the E3, the fans still hoped that the developers just want to mess up with them.

Pete Hines, Bethesda’s Marketing Executive, gave an official statement, saying that all the rumors about Fallout 4’s release date are wrong. Hines added that the game is still under development, and he can’t give us something solid.

However, we still have two big upcoming events in 2014: Gamescon and the Tokyo Game Show. Bethesda will take part in the both events, and the fans are hoping that this time, they will finally hear some official news about Fallout 4.

Gamescon will be held on August 14-17 and Tokyo Game Show on September 18-21.

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