Fallout 4 – Release Date Expected Soon

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If there is one thing Bethesda Gaming has done well so far, it is to stay mum about the release dates of Fallout 4.

No amount of speculation, leaks or rumors have forced them to break their silence on this issue. Their well practiced silence may finally pay off, as Fallout 4 is officially the most talked about game on the internet today.

Speculations Begin

There were rumors that Bethesda would announce some information about Fallout 4 during the E3 2014. However, officials from Bethesda not only did not speak anything about the title, it was completely omitted from their presentations, making fans wonder if the game actually existed. Since the studio decided not to reveal any information about the game, the rumor mill has been churning overtime in an attempt to find the details of the game.

GamesCon 14, Germany

One of the biggest events in the world of gaming – GamesCon, will be held in Germany this year. This is another opportunity for gamers to bring forth all their upcoming titles and share information and footage with the fans. This is one of the biggest gaming events in the world and certainly the most anticipated in Germany. Fans speculate that Bethesda may finally break its silence and could unleash at least some footage during the event. The exhibitor’s listing has already showed that Bethesda will be participating in it and fans can only hope that the measured responses of the studio officials will finally give room for real information.

Tokyo Game Show

When gaming expos and shows travel to Asia, they make their largest and most anticipated stop in Japan. At the Tokyo Game Show, studios from all over the world have been known to make presentations. This four day event, slated to take place in September, may be the earliest that fans get to know about their favorite games. This is an opportunity for Bethesda to reveal the much anticipated release date information for Fallout 4. Fans think that this time around, Bethesda is going to take up this opportunity.

Why is Fallout 4 So Important?

It has been 6 years since the last Fallout episode hit the markets. Since then, there are rumors of the development of the next episode. Bethesda has remained staunchly tight lipped on this issue, sending fans into a curious frenzy. All they want to know is whether the game is even in development. Every year, the speculation grows around a possible release of Fallout 4, and then by the end of the year, these speculations die down completely. Fans would finally like answers on what is happening with their favorite franchise. Such speculations are strongest around the time of game conventions and expos, when studios are slated to talk about the much awaited titles. Not having any information about Fallout 4, year after year, is driving fans crazy. If this is something that Bethesda is doing just to create a lot of hype around the title, it should beware because the bubble could burst anytime. There is a thin line between frenzy and apathy, when it comes to gaming titles that have been held back for so long.

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