Facebook Messenger vs Whatsapp – The Similarities between The Two

Facebook is definitely one of the popular social networking websites and millions of users log into their accounts every day.

While Facebook allows you to do a lot more than chat, it is the Messenger app that has become extensively popular. Here we will explore the ways in which Messenger is similar to WhatsApp.

Chat On The Go

You can easily chat with your friends. If you check out the features of WhatsApp, one of the popular features is the ability to chat with your friends located all over the world. Similarly, when you have Messenger enabled, you can chat with anyone who is on your Facebook friends list.

Facebook Messenger is better than WhatsApp in the sense that you do not need to share your number. The Facebook Messenger works directly in conjunction with your Facebook account and you can therefore chat with people who you have befriended on Facebook. There is no need for sharing your personal contact details.

Emoticons to Animate

Just like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger has ample emoticons available too. You can use them to animate your conversations. You have the option of using stickers, which animate and express your ideas and thoughts accurately. The collection of stickers is even more diverse than what WhatsApp has to offer. You are not going to miss WhatsApp when you use Facebook Messenger for the simple reason that you have both emoticons and stickers and the collection is much larger and diverse.

Free Calls

WhatsApp does not have the option of making free calls. However, when you use Facebook Messenger, you can make free calls to your friends. This feature has been recently added and it will help you save significant amount of money on your phone bills. Making calls is easy and does not require any kind of special instructions.

Chat In Groups

One of the most used features in WhatsApp is the groups. It is a lot easier to chat with multiple contacts together in groups. Just like in WhatsApp, you can add multiple contacts to chat in a conversation in the Facebook Messenger app as well. You can share pictures, use stickers and emoticons and talk with various people together.

Use For Free

Whatsapp is free for the first year of use after which you need to pay a yearly subscription fee. Messenger app on the other hand, is available for free download and you can make the most out of it. You will never have to pay any charge whatsoever as it is a free app.

Hence, it is clear that Facebook Messenger works very similarly to WhatsApp and at the top of that, it comes at zero cost. It is no surprise that people love using the Facebook Messenger app because there is no easier way to stay connected. You do not even need to login to your Facebook account for replying to the messages of your friends.

This app will allow you to retrieve and send messages without the need to log into your profile. If you are a Facebook fan, you should definitely give this app a try.


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