Clash of Clans – Top Hidden Tesla Tips to Crush Enemies

One of the best and unique defensively units in Clash of Clans is Hidden Tesla. The best thing about Hidden Tesla is that this building can’t be seen by your invaders and they often can’t realize what’s happening until it’s too late.

Hidden Tesla

To unlock the Hidden Tesla, you will need to upgrade your Town Hall to level 7. The Hidden Tesla tower will stay hidden until an air or ground unit approaches it and then the tower starts frying up your enemies with electricity. There are seven different upgrades you can make to the Hidden Tesla towers. The Hidden Tesla towers have a range of 7, but they trigger at the range of 6. The Hidden Tesla towers will become visible when the enemies are in their range and towers attack them, or when the village is 51% destroyed.

Positioning your Hidden Tesla Tower

You want to use a Hidden Tesla tower to surprise your enemies. In order to do that, you will have to put it in the right spot. You will place a Hidden Tesla in a way that it will be surrounded by other buildings so it can be effective and not to be destroyed fast. However, keep in mind that even if the other players will not see your Hidden Tesla tower, they will notice the empty squares from inside your base. Try to play with their minds a bit and leave more squares empty in different locations, so they will not be sure where is your tower situated.

Are you a Clash of Clans player? Did these tips help you crush your enemies?


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