Clash of Clans – Top Best Offensive Building Strategy

This article is dedicated to the Clash of Clans players who want to get a lot of Trophies and to crush their enemies. As an offensive player, you won’t care about how to setup your village. The point is to upgrade some specific buildings at the right time.

Two of the disadvantages of this style are:

  •  Your defense will be weak and you will not be able to defend your resources effectively.
  •  You will need to be very active in Clash of Clans, because if you will be offline for too long, you will lose Trophies because of the weak defense your village has.

Offensive strategy

Below, we will list you the buildings that are important for this strategy:

  1.  Town Hall (always upgrade it when you have the resources for it!)
  2.  Army Camp
  3.  Barracks
  4.  Elixir Storage
  5.  Elixir Collector
  6.  Defensive buildings
  7.  Walls
  8.  Other buildings.

Keep in mind that when your village is attacked, it will most likely get destroyed completely and the attacker will get 3 stars. If you don’t like this style too much, you might want to try our defensive strategy.

What to Upgrade?

1. Elixir

Elixirs should be your main priority since these are the resources you will need to train your army. Build as many elixir storages and collectors as the game lets you and upgrade them as soon as you have the chance to do it. You will always want to have AT LEAST one of the elixir storages at the highest possible level that can be leveled, depending on your Town Hall’s level.

2. Barracks

Barracks are the buildings where you train your troops and unlock new units. You will want to upgrade them because you will want to have diversity in your army troops. Each village must be attacked in a different way using a different strategy that will involve a different army.

3. Army Camps

Once your troops are trained, they will be deployed in your Army Troops. You want to upgrade these army camps in order to be able to keep more troops. Keep in mind that if you are being attacked and the enemy destroys the army camps, you will lose all your troops inside the camp. Also, your troops will not fight when the village is being attacked.

4. Laboratory

The laboratory will strengthen your troops so it’s very important to have a stronger army. You will want to upgrade the laboratory and research troops to the highest level the laboratory allows you.

5. Town Hall

When all the buildings we mentioned above are upgraded to the highest level that can be done (according to your Town Hall), you will want to upgrade the Town Hall to the next level.

6. Gold Storage and Gold Mines

These buildings become very important when the Town Hall is leveled up, since it will require a lot of Gold to be further leveled up. For example a level 7 Town Hall will cost you 1.2 million Gold, while a level 8 Town Hall will cost you 2 million Gold.

7. Defensive buildings

Defensive buildings such as Archer Towers or Cannons should not be upgraded too much, so don’t worry too much about them.

8. Spell Factory

Upgrade it so you will have the attack spell available. Don’t mind upgrading it higher until you are around level 35 in the game.

Extra Tips:

  1.  Try to keep your level low, but with high offensive buildings.
  2.  Depending on the percentage of damage done to a village you will get starts. When you reach the destroy percentage at 50%, you will get 1 star. If you destroy the Town Hall, you will get 1 star and when you destroy the village by 100% you will get 1 star. With other words, if you do a perfect raid you will get a total of 3 stars.

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