Clash of Clans – Top 5 Mistakes That Gets You Defeated

1. Upgrading the Town Hall

You don’t want to upgrade the Town Hall too soon in Clash of Clans. Instead of doing that, you should upgrade first your defensive buildings, and when you can’t upgrade them anymore (because Town Hall is too low), then you should consider upgrading the Town Hall.

2. Ignoring your Walls

Most of the Clash of Clans players ignore the walls and upgrade some other structures. We assure you that the Walls separate mediocre players from good players. We know that there are other defensive buildings that look more awesome than a simple wall, but this should be your main priority.

3. Spending gems

You don’t want to spend the free gems for instant-finishing a building. Instead, you want to save them for buying Builder Hut’s. While the first one you get is for free, the second costs 250 gems, third 500 gems, fourth 1000 gems and fifth 2000 gems. Without investing any money in this game you can get the 2nd and the 3rd Builder Hut.

4. Don’t compare your village with others

Let’s say, for example, that you notice that a player has level 6 archer towers and then you think: “why do I have only level 3 archer towers?” Thinking like this will most likely make you spend real money to get gems, so you can instantly finish your buildings. Instead of doing this, join a clan with some nice members in it, and enjoy raiding with them.

5. Copy the base layout of Top Players

If a base layout is working out for some top players that don’t actually mean that it will work out for you also. Their base layout works out well because they have max defenses and they have friends who will attack them, to give them a free shield, without losing many resources. Try being creative and think how to make your own layout which will surprise your attackers.

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