Clash of Clans – Top 2014 Super Hints and Tips

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Clash of Clans was created somehow to “play” with your impatience and make you to spend gems and later, after finishing them, to spend real money to buy gems. However, you can do well in this game without having to investment real money, by just saving gems for important purchases. It’s good to clear your village of rocks and trees, since most of them will give you gems.


While raiding, you will want to blow up the walls of your enemies. To do that, use Wall Breakers and see how fast they will take down the wall, clearing the path to your enemy’s elixir and gold.


You will want to protect the Mortar as much as you can, since it can do a good amount of splash damage, which will most likely destroy the troops of your enemy. Try putting some walls along it and some unimportant buildings. Aside from this, you will want to put a tower near it to protect it from aerial attacks.


Try to surround each defensive building with Walls, since this will get you some extra time before the enemies get to your defensive building.

Gold and Elixir guide

While you are online, you will want to farm gold and elixirs consistently by destroying other players’ villages. When you plan to raid a village, first look what defensive buildings your enemy has. If you think your troops can handle them, look at how much resources you can win by defeating him. If you think there are enough resources which are worth the attack, do it. If not, just look for another target.

How to keep a small number of Trophies

In Clash of Clans, you will want to have few Trophies, in order to have weak enemies and to stay away from the professional players. When you feel that the enemies you are playing against are too strong, you will want to decrease your Trophies as soon as possible, and to do that, you will have to lose some battles. To lose Trophies fast, just find a target, Hold the “Next” button and deploy ONE troop and release the “Next” button after that.

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