Clash of Clans – Tips and Tricks in Making Quick Money

It’s not so difficult to make money in Supercell’s most popular game, Clash of Clans. Gold mines will bring you a good amount of gold at the beginning, but in time you will realize that they are not as efficient as they used to be. That’s when you will have to start raiding to make Gold fast.

How to prepare for your first raid

First, you will want to train some goblins and wallbreakers. You will always want to have at least 40 goblins and 5 wallbreakers for each raid. You will want to queue goblins, so they will be trained while you are raiding, in order to win yourself some time. The ideal Trophies range you will want to have is between 0-400, to have easy targets and win a good amount of Gold without wasting too much Elixir on your raiding troops.

Things to know when you raid

The Mortars are really painful for your troops, so you will want to send goblins in smaller batches. After the mortar strikes, you will want immediately to send another batch of goblins. We all know that mortars deal area of effect (AOE) damage and if you send all the goblins at once, they will most likely die fast and you will barely gain some resources.

If the village you are about to raid has level 1-2 walls, you can send a batch of 10 goblins and they will bring them down fast. However, if it’s a level 3 wall, you will have to send breakers. Try to send one goblin ahead as a “bait”, to avoid a spring trap that will throw a batch of troops away from the village you want to raid. A decent raid will most likely bring you around 1k Gold per 1 Goblin, so try to have at least this ratio.

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