Clash of Clans – How To Farm Loads of Resources in Short Time

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Yesterday, we brought you a good strategy of farming resources using Archers Strategy, which is a strategy that is used by more and more players. Today we’re going to share with you another strategy which involves Archers, Barbarians and Minions.

You can train your troops quite fast if you have 2 barracks where you will train Archers, 2 barracks where you will train Barbarians and a dark barrack where you will train minions. Likewise the Archers Strategy, you can bring a few Wall Breakers to this setup but at the same time you can replace some Barbarians with Giants, but keep in mind that the training time will be longer and they cost more Elixirs, and it might be not so effective.

To make this strategy work, you will have to distract the defensive buildings with your Archers and Barbarians and send Minions. You will want to keep Minions far away from Air defensive units and Wizard Towers, since they are vulnerable to them.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of this strategy is that you can attack often and you will gain a lot of resources in short time. The setup of this strategy is pretty strong and it doesn’t require too many resources.

The disadvantage of the setup of this strategy is that it’s very vulnerable to Air Defense buildings and Wizard Towers. To keep your troops alive, you should consider sending your Archers and Barbarians to handle those kinds of buildings.

Villages that you should consider attacking

You will want to attack villages from where you can gain at least 100.000 resources. Also, you might want to look for villages that have their elixir pumps and gold mines outside of the walls. Do not send all your troops at once if they are going to take splash damage and die. Instead of doing that, you should try sending clusters of troops.

Here is a video of the strategy we talked about in this article:



Here is a second video of this strategy with a profit of 200.000 Gold, 135.000 Elixir and 1.300 Dark Elixir:


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