Clash of Clans – Defend Your Village Like a Pro

In Clash of Clans, most of the defensive buildings cost Gold, so try saving as much Gold as you can in order to have enough to build all the defensive buildings.

Main defensive buildings – Mortar, Cannons and Archer Towers

When your Town Hall reaches level 3, you will be able to build these three defensive buildings.

  1.  The mortar is a building which will attack only ground units and it will deal splash damage so it’s very useful against a big army, if they are packed in one area, they will most likely die because of the area of the effect (AOE) damage. The problem is that when your enemies are close to the mortar, it will not attack them anymore, so that’s why you will need to place some Archer Towers or Cannons near it.
  2.  Likewise the mortar, the cannon is able to attack only ground units. The range is quite fine, and it will do damage to a single target at a time.
  3. The Archer Tower is very weak; however, it has a very long range and it’s able to hit air units also.

Keep in mind that when you will want to upgrade a defensive unit, it will not be able to defend the village while it’s upgrading. You will want to upgrade defensive units when the shield is on or when you are planning to stay for a few hours online (until the upgrade finishes).

Some other defensive items you can use are bombs or spring plates. Even if they are quite expensive in the early levels, they can really be a pain for the enemy, if you place them in the right spots.


In the early levels, the walls really help a lot and can make the difference when you’re defending your village. Using walls you can also “guide” your enemies into your traps. Keep in mind that the walls don’t require time to build, since they are created instantly.

You have the option to move a row of walls at a time if you tap a wall and then tap “select row” button, which will allow you to move multiple walls at once.

Organize Your Walls

So you placed your Town Hall, resources collection/storage, defensive structures behind the walls. Here are some tips on how you should organize everything in your village:

  1.  Make sure your defensive buildings can hit Archers who can hit the buildings from the distance. Archer Towers are doing a good job killing Archers.
  2.  Try to “defend” the Mortar with Cannons or Archer Towers. For example, if someone is getting too close to the Mortar and it can’t shot anymore, make sure that your Cannons and Archer Towers are in the range to kill the enemy.
  3.  Try keeping the most valuable storage facilities to the center as close as you can, so that these buildings will be hit the last.

What Happens When You Are Attacked

When your village is attacked in Clash of Clans, the player who is attacking you will send his troops in order to steal your resources and destroy your base. The defensive units we’ve talked about above will react and will try to kill the invaders. However, here are a few more things you should know about when your village is attacked:

  •           Your troops from “Army Camp” will not participate in defending the village (they will not even be there).
  •           If your buildings are destroyed by the enemy, they are somehow only disabled until you login and they will be “repaired” in 5seconds after you login.
  •           “Consumable” traps need to be “reactivated” – for example if a bomb is being triggered, you will need to reactivate it or it will not function anymore.
  •           After you get into a Clan, the troops inside your Clan Castle can be used to defend your village.

Watch Replays From The Defense Log

If your village is constantly losing battles against raiders, you will want to watch the defense log and see what’s going wrong. After watching a few replays, you will notice what your village’s weak points are and you will be able to fix them. Keep trying new defensive strategies and see which one works the best for you.

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