Clash of Clans – Best Tactics In Building Your Base As A Pro

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Clash of Clans is a great strategy game. Basically you will have to build a base and then conquer the realm one step at a time. But what is the best way to build your base? This guide might come in handy for beginners and veterans alike.

Always build starting with the center of your base.

Expand your base starting with the middle. Since the center of your base is very hard to reach by a potential attacker, all of your important buildings should be placed there. The best center would consist of a 6×6 tiles square. Build the 3 storages versions along with the clan castle, when you are farming, or build the town hall and 3 hidden teslas when you are trophy hunting.

Splash Defense is the best defense.

Single target buildings are simply not made to face big groups of mobs, that’s why it’s recommended to build wizard towers and mortars. Also upgrade them whenever you have the chance and try to build them as close to the center of your base as possible, along with the storages and air defense buildings.

Single target defenses near the outer layer of your base.

On the outer layer of your base you should place the single target defenses. The Tesla towers are a must if you want to keep the wall breakers away. Also keep in mind that collectors and other insignificant buildings should be placed outside of the base, near your walls. This way they will provide some protection, and they will buy you some time, since they will be the first buildings to be destroyed. Your base should look something like: middle of the base (important buildings) > Splash defense (around the middle) > single target defense (between the splash and walls) > collectors

Make the most out of your walls and traps

It’s very important to build walls around your buildings. If you only have an outer wall and it gets breached, there will be nothing left standing between the attacker and your buildings. So always keep that in mind and don’t let too many buildings vulnerable. Ideally, a wall breach should only give access to around 2-3 buildings or so.

Also, spring traps could be really important for your base if you place them well. For example, if you surround an important building with walls, and if you replace one wall with a spring trap, the attackers will have to go through the trap before being able to attack your building.

Of course, these are just a few basic tips. Every player will eventually adopt a unique playstyle.


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