Clash of Clans – Best Building, Upgrading and Raiding Hints or Tricks

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Clash of Clans is a very popular mobile game that is free and is developed by Supercell. The game is about a village where you will have to create buildings, upgrade them, train troops, raid other villages etc.

If you are new to the game, you will want to read this article because it will help you understand the game and you will know how to crush your enemies.

The basics of the game

In Clash of Clans there are three different currencies that you will need to keep an eye on.

The first currency is the Gold Coins, which will be your main problem when you will try to build your Town Hall, because the Town Hall will always require only Gold to be leveled up. However, Gold Coins can be spent to upgrade other buildings or to pay your workers to clear trees or stones from your village.

The second currency is Elixir and it’s the pink resource. Using this resource you will most likely spend it on training the troops from your village, but it will be also used to create and upgrade Gold Storages or Gold Mines.

The third currency is the Gems, which is the green resource. This is the premium currency, which means that it can be bought using real money. However, you will get some free gems by doing specific achievements and you also get some free gems when you start the game. You can use the Gems to instantly train your troops or create/upgrade buildings or even pay for the missing resources when you want to create a building and you don’t have the required resources.

Building your village

In Clash of Clans you will construct and upgrade buildings in your village. And of course to succeed in this game you will need a well upgraded village in order to succeed.

There are three types of buildings: resource buildings, army buildings and defense buildings.

Resource buildings are those that will store your resources or “farm” for them and are very important to you, because without them you will not be able to maintain your village. Try upgrading your Gold Storage and Elixir storage buildings to level 2 at least when you start the game, because you will get a lot of resources when you will start raiding, and if you don’t have enough space those resources will be lost.

In Clash of Clans you will have a tutorial that will show you the game basics and after you end it, you will have two Builder’s Huts. Build the third one as soon as possible and to get enough Gems try doing some Achievements that give you a good amount of Gems.

Upgrading buildings

Clash of Clans is somehow different to most of the strategy games. Other strategy games will unlock you new buildings when you get enough experience or level.

In Clash of Clans you will get only some decorations while you level up. To get new upgrades for your current buildings and brand new buildings, you will have to upgrade your Town Hall. For example, by bringing your Town Hall to level four you will unlock the Air Defense and Spring Trap. So, you will want to focus on upgrading the Town Hall at least to level 3-4 at the beginning of the game.

Some other buildings that you will want to focus on are the Barracks. As you upgrade them, they will unlock new units that you can train and in the same time you will want to construct and upgrade Army Camps, to be able to have a bigger army.


While raiding in Clash of Clans, you will have to look and see your enemy’s weak spots. You can’t just deploy your army randomly, because you will end up losing all your army, earn 0 resources and lose Trophies.

Before you start raiding other players’ villages, you will want to do some single player raids to get a feeling about how is raiding in Clash of Clans. After that, you will want to learn and see how every defensive unit react and how you can counter it fast to not get your army down.

When you start playing Clash of Clans, you will train mass Barbarians and destroy villages but as you gain more Trophies, you will get players who defend their villages well and you will have to use a strategy that involves multiple types of troops.

Try and see their weak points and if they have mortars (these buildings to splash (area of effect) damage) you will want to send troops in waves. If you will send them all at the same time, all the troops will probably die before they even do one hit to that mortar.

In Clash of Clans, you will lose every single troop you send to battle, even if you win or not. It doesn’t matter if they survive the battle or not, they will be lost after the battle ends. This means that you will have to see how much resources you can get from the village you’re planning to attack and see if you get more resources than how much you paid for the troops you are about to send to battle.

Defending your village

When you start playing Clash of Clans, you will get a three days free shield. This means in the first three days, other players will not be able to attack you. Use these three days to farm freely for resources and construct/upgrade buildings and try to protect your resources and Town Hall.

The walls will seem to be expensive at the beginning of the game, but as you get more space for resources and you upgrade your Town Hall, you will notice that the walls are some of the most efficient defensive buildings you can have.

However, let’s go back to what you will do in the first three days. You will want to build Cannons and Archer Towers, which will protect your village from the invaders. However, these buildings will be limited, so you will need to keep important buildings from your village close to each other in a way that these two defensive buildings will have the range to protect them all.

If you feel that you need more days to prepare your village for attacks, simply purchase with Gems a shield that can lose up to one, two or even seven days.

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