Clash of Clans – A Strategy Game with a Difference

There was a time when Age of Empires, Age of Warring Empire and other similar games used to rule the roost of strategy games.

They were always the kings of desktop gaming and when they invaded the Android market, very few strategy games could stand and compete with their brilliance and popularity. However, things started to look different with the launch of Clash of Clans. Right from when it came into the market, it is giving the well-established games a run for their money.

Clash of Clans is a typical strategy game which involves making one’s own tribe the most powerful and winning over other tribes by fighting battles. But the difference arises from the fact that it is innovative and unique in concept as compared to other strategy games which had become monotonous after a certain level and gamers were easily getting bored. Clash of Clans has come as a refresher for the people who love strategy games and wanted a captivating game to play.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt is a new objective in the game. It allows users to build their own tribes and strengthen it by all means with the motive of hunting and raiding the treasure and money deposits of other tribes. A strategic game involving money depletion has always been much sought after, because it gives a sense of satisfaction and drives the players to plan well, before executing their strategies. Treasure hunting in itself involves a lot of enthusiasm among the players and when it is included as one of the objectives of the game, it makes Clash of Clans all the more exciting and challenging to play.

Total Freedom to Strengthen Tribes

This is another innovative addition to the game. The users get full leeway to make their own tribe, add as many men as they want and strengthen it with the provided infrastructure and weapons. A number of options are provided for strengthening the troops, training them, adding weapons, reaching higher levels by passing tasks, building fortifications for defenses and setting up attack and defense strategies. These options can be used by simply tapping on them and they become activated. Thus, the simple interface and ease of use are two major factors that attract users.

Online Play

The game is completely online; that is, it requires the use of airtime and changes take place in real time. This makes the game more real-life based, as time passes much like how it does in real life. No wonder then, it is easy to challenge other tribes or players, and play in real time. Resources, updates, messages and other information can be exchanged via instant messages to other players and help can be sought from colonies. This also adds the touch of real and makes the players more interested in maintaining good relations with the tribes who they feel threatened from. It also becomes easier to post updates on the social media sites as the game is always connected to the Internet.

Thus, Clash of Clans is a growing gaming phenomenon and much likely to replace many old strategy games in the near future.

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