Clash of Clans – 5 Tips to Master The Game

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Today we’re going to give you 5 tips on how to master Clans of Clans defensively.

1. Upgrade your Town Hall to Level 2-3

When you start the game, you get a “newbie” shield protecting you against invaders. Use this time to upgrade your town hall to level 2 or maybe even to level 3.

During this time, you don’t want to use any Gems. Also, you do not want to remove rocks or trees from your village, since this will be a waste of gold or elixirs. During this time, you will also want to upgrade your gold mines and elixir collectors.

Use single player quest to get a good amount of gold and elixirs with ease.

2. Upgrading Town Hall to Level 3-4

Don’t worry if your shield is already off, because if you have 0 trophies, you will not be attacked by anyone. Even if someone will try to do that, it will be someone who has the same amount of trophies and will most likely have a weak army and it will be hard for him to destroy your entire village. Again, you don’t want to use any gems during this period. Do not attack players and do only single player quests. Your priority is to upgrade and protect the gold mine.

3. Getting your Town Hall to Level 4

When you focus on the Town Hall to level 4 you can start attacking other players to get some resources. Don’t pay too much attention on getting trophies, your main objective is to get as many resources as you can, even if that will make you lose the battle. During this time, you want to go more defensively using walls to protect gold storages, gold mines and canoes.

4. Getting Town Hall from level 5 to 6

This period is kind of nasty. You will need 800.000 gold to level up your Town Hall from level 5 to 6. The defensive ability of a level 5 Town Hall is very weak. Try getting that gold as soon as possible and upgrade your Town Hall. You will have enough gems to get your third builder’s hut (that’s if you didn’t use any gems from the beginning of the game, as we told you).

The best way to collect the needed gold is to raid weak enemies using wall breakers and goblins. You will find many players that have weak defenses, and you will get around 50.000 gold from each attack.

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