Chrome Remote Desktop – Controlling Your PC from Your Android Device

The desktop version of the Chrome Remote Desktop application has been available for a while now.

It has been very functional and helpful to individuals who prefer working on the go. This application is available from the Chrome web store and is easy to install. It should be installed on a desktop computer or a laptop for it to work.

Today, computers and smartphones make it possible for you to get work done from any location. It is now possible to access your desktop from your Android device. This is made possible by the Chrome desktop application, which is installed in the Chrome browser and the Android device.

What the Chrome Remote Desktop App Allows You to Do

With the Chrome Remote Desktop App for Android devices, you can access your desktop computer from any location using your Android device. It supports all devices that run the 4.0 Android versions and beyond. This app is ideal for Android devices that have been released in the last few years.

What to Expect from the App – Functionality

When it comes to functionality, the application does not offer much. On the upper right hand side, you will find the menu icon which offers the feedback and help options. Beneath the menu button is the ‘my computers’ list for the Gmail account. You can simply tap on the computer you want to access, to connect quickly.

There is also a keyboard icon, which allows you to use a virtual version of your keyboard, on your Android device. The responsiveness in this app is rather fast, which makes using it a breeze. You can type as fast as you want and for as long as you want, with very minimal downtime.

You can zoom in by pinching your fingers on the screen and you can zoom out by spreading your fingers. You can tap your fingers to equal clicking on the mouse button. Holding your finger on the screen works the same as holding the left mouse button and you can access the menu by tapping with two fingers.


There is also not much in terms of features of the app. A feature that is absent in this app is file management. It is not possible to drag a file from your desktop and drop it on your tablet or phone. However, Google Drive is a great workaround. Even so, this is a task that can be tedious for most users.

Also, the audio feature is not present in the remotely accessed device. This makes it impossible to listen to music from your computer through your mobile phone or tab.

Also worth noting, is how pixelated the screen becomes, when you zoom out. It makes it almost impossible to read anything on the screen when zoomed out.


While this app has made it possible to work from a remote location using an Android device, it is more of a minimalistic design app than an app that is truly functional for the everyday user. With time, Google may roll out improved features for the app, which will make working remotely on Android devices easy.

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