Challenge Your Friends Worldwide with a Tango Game

Apart from being recognized worldwide as a popular messaging app, Tango has, in recent years, become a hot favorite among avid mobile gamers as well.

This is due to the multitude of games that it has to offer. Moreover, the app’s social integration allows you to share your score with friends and challenge them to outdo your score. Whether you want to try racing on a highway or to check your luck at a virtual casino, look no further. Undoubtedly, Tango is the right choice for you with such games and more. Most of these games are available for free, and can be downloaded for Android smartphones and iPhones from their respective app stores.

Some Interesting Tango Games worth a Try

The following is a list of interesting games that are definitely worth checking out. Once you play them, you are sure to enjoy having a go at them again and again.

Road Riot is a shoot while you race game. As you race on the highway, you have to dodge missiles coming towards you. You must also fire your guns and blow up vehicles loaded with armor clad enemies.  Tango offers a choice of three highways and customization of your armor up to 15 levels. You can also avail five power ups in the form of loot magnets, repair kits, score multipliers, double weapon mounts and nitrous boosters. Are you someone who loves playing with words? If so, you must definitely give the Words with Friends game a shot. You must form as many words using the letters available on the 4×4 or 5×5 letters grid. Apart from testing your vocabulary, this is also a good way to learn many more words. The minimum number of letters is three for a 4×4 grid and four for a 5×5 grid. You can use horizontal, vertical and diagonal moves in this Tango powered game to form a word.

Blackjack Live is for those who would like to try their luck at a casino. One of the most downloaded games of Tango from the app store, this game transports you to a virtual Las Vegas where you can dress in various outfits and play the classic card game. The game features many tables, challenges, tournaments and even VIP privilege suites. You can also exchange cocktails and challenge your friends to beat your score. It is time for you to build your own farm with the Family Barn game. Taking inspiration from the Family Farm game on Facebook, this Tango empowered game allows you to have a farm on a seaside landscape. You can plant, process and harvest more than 200 farm products. What’s more, you can invite your friends to become your neighbors and join them for a group trade and farm activity.

How good are you in interpreting what a picture represents? To check this out, play the 4 pics puzzle game. While this seems easy, it can be quite challenging. One picture out of a set of four is revealed at a time. You have the liberty of omitting a word and coming back to it later. What makes the game quite interesting is its 15 levels with 300 simple to difficult words. Also, this Tango game can be played in six languages. Dream Bakery is sure to win the heart of any cake lover. You can build your own bakery and learn over a 100 cake recipes. You can also choose from various interesting decorations for your cake using this colorful Tango game.

The above are just a few examples of some of the many games that are offered by Tango. You can check out for more games such as Wheel Deal Slots, Jackpot Casino, Galaxy Empire, Sea Five and more on the app stores.

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