Candy Crush Saga vs Farm Heroes Saga – Top Similarities and Differences

In essence, mobile games are supposed to be a fun way to pass time while you are traveling or waiting for something or someone, and relieve you of some boredom. They are the kind of games you play in lobbies and waiting rooms, or cars, but people tend to forget and also play them at home or at work. Even though they should be really doing something else with their time when in those places, these games can be very addictive and competitive. Everyone wants that new high score therefore countless gaming sessions take place, even when they shouldn’t.

Among the first to release popular games, such as Plants vs Zombies or Bejeweld, are developers Pop-Cap Games. They starting releasing time-killing little games that you could take with you on your phone. When Facebook started, they started implementing their games with Facebook, so now you could compete against your friends for high scores and such. Other developers like King emerged, implementing the same Facebook options, along with in-game purchasing.

King are also responsible for the creation of the popular game Candy Crush Saga. Chances are you play it yourself, or if not, you at least heard of it or know someone who plays it. For those still in the blank, this is a puzzle type game where you have to connect three of the same candy type to score points, with different objectives given to you at each level. This game was released in 2012, and by 2013 it was the most popular game on Facebook with over 48 million users per month. A similar game is Bejeweld, just as competitive, just as annoying.

King developed another game where you identically have to match three identical pieces for points. This game is called Farm Heroes Saga. Another game called The Banner Saga was released, but not by King. King tried to sue the developers of that game for including the word Saga in their game’s title, although it’s a word from the Norse language, on which The Banner Saga is based upon.

It’s kind of silly and also crazy, not only that King developed a practically identical game, changing only some aspects such as names, then releasing it on the very some platforms as Candy Crush Saga, but also the fact that it gets millions of hits from users on a regular basis. This should at least raise a few eyebrows.

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