Candy Crush Saga – Dreamworld, Social and Multiplatform Integration

Candy Crush Saga – Social and Multiplatform Integration

Addition of Dreamworld

Candy Crush Saga is a match three game developed by King in April 2012 for Facebook and for smartphones. It has surpassed Farmville being the most popular game on Facebook and has more than 46 million monthly users. One of the latest and major updates for the game came in December 2013.

After it was first introduced in 2013, the game started receiving periodic updates, with additional episodes and various levels. As of today, the game has 590 levels in the Facebook version. There are 40 episodes and each of the episodes has 15 levels. The first two episodes, however, only have ten levels.

With the update in December 2013, the Dreamworld levels were added. This world is also being periodically updated. The Dreamworld update contains 260 levels and has 18 episodes.

Fun Gameplay

The game involves matching 3 similar candies and then clearing them from the board. You can also combine four candies or five candies and make special candies with more powers. The levels are quite different and each one will set the player with different objectives.

Some goals might involve bringing down certain ingredients; some might involve reaching a particular goal of points; some might involve clearing jellies whereas others might involve removing bombs.

Driving the Game to Greater Heights

Candy Crush Saga has been a very popular and successful game, as it combines the new with the old. It is very similar to the old video games, such as Bejeweled but has a lot of modern twists added to it. The game is also constantly evolving and has many surprises along the way.

Players keep coming back for more and more, as the game is very compelling. The graphics are gorgeous and fun. The gameplay is also very sophisticated, providing the right mix of challenge and skill with fun. A solo playing game was converted into a game that could be played using social elements. This led to further engagement. Players found it fun when they were able to beat their friends’ scores and let them know about it.

There are also powerful incentives in the game, such as additional lives received through friends and boosters that you can share with others.

Where to Play 

You can play the game on your mobile phone or on the PC. You can play Candy Crush Sage on various platforms, such as the iOS or the Android as well as through your Facebook Account.

You can easily download the free game from the iTunes App Store or from the Google Play Store. Alternatively, you can play the game through your Facebook account.

Going Cross Platform

Candy Crush Saga was launched for Facebook in April 2012 and became an instant hit on the popular social media site. The game was able to integrate the social element features of Facebook into the game. Players could invite their friends; they could compete with them and view one another’s progress in the game, their scores and so on.

Later, the game was launched for the iOS and the Android in the fall of 2012. It became the game to be downloaded the maximum number of times in the App Store as well as in Google Play Store. The winning strategy of the game seemed to be in going cross platform. The players who already existed in the Facebook version of the game automatically came into the mobile phone user category as well.

Players discovered the game very early. They found it very useful to be able to play on their mobiles as well as their desktops. This leads to double the engagement amongst players compared to single platform gamers. You can start the game on the PC and then continue it on the mobile on your way to school or to work.

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