Candy Crush Saga – Britain’s Richest and Millionaire Staff

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Candy Crush saga is one of the most addictive smartphone games ever released.

It rakes in around $6 Million a day, only in the United States. In the year 2013, Candy Crush Saga was confirmed as the third best popular application featured in the Google Play Store.

Riccardo Zacconi – Britain’s Richest

Brought to light in 2012 by King Digital Entertainment PLC, Riccardo Zacconi had led the company loyally since 2003. Zacconi is worth $698 Million as of today and was rightly chosen as one the richest men in Britain. Riccardo Zacconni works for the incredible social networking site, Facebook, and is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the King Company.

About King

The Company is a collaboration of Britain’s and Sweden’s most talented developers. After half a year of its release, Candy Crush outsmarted Farmville by 46 Million users by the end of 2012. By the end of the next year, the Company King had decided to provide an extensive expansion to the game. This saw the addition of innumerable levels, taking its total count to 575 Levels and 15 levels for all 38 Episodes. The game also mints money through the application purchases within the game. King has a user base of 408 Million Active users. The sales of the company have rocketed to $1.88 Billion as of the first quarter of 2014.

Millionaires of Candy Crush Saga

1) Melvyn Morris is the chairman of King Digital Entertainment with a net worth of $821 Million and has been involved and part of King since 2003.

2) Sebastian Nutssun is another older hand of King Digital Entertainment who has a net worth of $396 Million. He designed ten worst games ever made by the company in the chart of 15 worst, but rose to fame after the Candy Crush Saga.

3) Lars Markgren, the General Manager of the Sweden side, worked at Spray initially and moved to work alongside King to deliver very vital Swedish business transactions for the company. He has a net worth of $168 Million.

4) Stephane Kurgan, the Chief Operating officer of the Belgium Section, is worth a net sum of $168 Million as of now. He joined king after his data center work at the Tideway.

5) Patrik Stymne is the Chief System’s architect of the company with a net worth of $158 Million. This young man is the brain center of the company’s strategic decisions. He develops ideas to indulge difficulty in each level of gaming.

6) Gerhard Florin, the non-executive director of the company, has spent 14 years in the Company. He has a net worth of $25m.

Candy Crush remains the most popular game app and it is played by millions of users across the world and every single second, it has been making the company’s staff richer and richer.

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