Candy Crush Saga: 3 Easy Cheats You Can Do To Keep Your Money Inside Your Pocket

Did you know that Candy Crush Saga makes millions for only a week?

This is because of people who buy extra lives and boosters just to finish a single game. Others might not know this but there are simple cheats you can do on your mobile and desktop in order for you to play longer and finish those hard levels without waiting hours or buying extra lives. Save your money and spend it on food instead.

1. The Time Change Cheat.

This is the most common way on how to NOT wait for your life to replenish. All you have to do is to change the time of your mobile phone and there you go. Candy Crush Saga will detect your time change and will replenish your lives. After using all your 5 lives, forward your time an hour (this will help you not to go way forward to the future) then repeat after losing all your lives again. A better way to do this is to turn off your Wi-Fi before changing your time. Your phone will stop detecting the real time (internet time). After playing, remember to turn it back to the real time before turning your Wi-Fi back on and wait for candy crush to detect internet time (this may take awhile). If this doesn’t work and Candy Crush Saga will tell you to wait a hundred days or more before getting your next life, just uninstall it and install it back again.

2. The Many Tabs Cheat.

There’s nothing more frustrating than being stuck on the same level for ages. You may have tried spending all your five lives and can still not move on, well, others got it worst. Some have been stuck for weeks or months doing the same level over and over again. If you’re using a desktop, here’s an answer to that. Simply open as many tabs as your browser can handle. Open all your tabs to the level you can’t finish. If you lose, just simply move on to your next tab and close the previous one. This doesn’t work on timed levels though.

3. The Shuffle Cheat.

You can always reshuffle your candies without spending a single life. Even if this does not work on timed levels it can always help you on other levels. There are times that first sight already seems hard and you just want to reshuffle it. Just press the exit button before making any moves and when you open it back, it will automatically reshuffle without you losing any of your lives. This is if you’re playing on your mobile phone.

There aren’t any cheats for you to have more boosters or extra moves but there are lots of ways for you to make use of them properly. Use boosters only for difficult levels and remember that you can always get free boosters on Facebook rather than buying them. There are also levels where your Facebook friends have given you extra moves on a certain level. Just look for the pink bow and click the +3 button when playing on the web and this automatically adds when you’re playing on your mobile phone.

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