Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Tips and Tricks

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Call of duty is a third person shooting game that comes packed with some of the best graphics and finest features, thereby enjoying unparalleled popularity among gamers. There are too many things you need to know in order to ace this game and when you are looking to do so, you may need some special tips and tricks that can turn out to be handy for you.
Here, we will discuss some of the key points and tips and tricks for the Call of Duty game that will be of use.

Make the Most Out Of Your Maps

In the Call of Duty: Ghosts, you have the option of messing with the maps. You will find various interaction points and it is entirely upon you to explore these points to make the most out of your gaming capabilities.

When you are playing in teams and you have a smart understanding of maps, you can really make the most out of your Call of Duty gaming skills. The key to scoring better and acing the games is to understand maps with greater clarity.

Plan Smart

The squad points which you earn, help you in unlocking different levels. This is an extremely tricky part because you do not want to go wrong when you are using the points for unlocking levels. You need to scheme the right kind of plan which will give you an insight into what and how you need to plan. If you are a little unsure, you can pick up the weapons of dead players. Try out the different instruments before coming to the final decision.

You should spend the points on essential things first and then move ahead and focus on others.

Concentrate On a Single Class

One common mistake that a lot of players make is to spread their conquest and resources extremely wide. You should not make this mistake at all because it can weaken your game plan. The right thing is to try and focus on a single class at a time as it holds the key to success.

You should create a class for your favorite type and then make smart use of your equipment for the sake of outdoing the selected soldier. This will also help you earn Squad points, which in turn can be used to make further inroads to success in the game.

Do Not Ignore the Field Orders
When you are playing in multiplayer mode, you get an option called field orders. You will randomly get these orders and when you complete the tasks, you are going to be awarded with a free kill streak that will make it easier to go for further conquests.

These are some of the useful tips and tricks that you can use in order to smartly play Call of Duty. It isn’t the easiest game to play and you should try and explore the different options diligently. The more tricks you know, the better the chances of scoring good.

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