Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is Pushing Devs to Deliver Greatness

Unlike Black Ops or Ghosts that are closely followed on the footsteps of Modern Warfare, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is expected to be a game changer.

Sledgehammer games are behind this mammoth project which is the first of its kind to land on a new generation of consoles with more hardware power to explore and deliver an experience that can make players go awe. “We are aware that Call of Duty fans won’t accept the game if it is good as they are expecting to see greatness,” said Sledgehammer co-founders Michael Condrey and Glen Schofield.

They are the ones heading the developer team towards something that could deliver what is truly next gen and a game that can pave way for plenty of others to come up along the same lines. The team brought Modern Warfare to life when first person shooters were almost struggling to survive in the gaming industry and people are already hoping that the upcoming title could be the game changer. “People are tweeting us almost every day and even though, there are hundreds of them – the message is clear. They are expecting something big from us and we are in a position to make sure we don’t disappoint our huge fan base,” Schofield said while he was guiding the media on a tour of the Foster City game studio, the one that is working on the Advanced Warfare game.

Polishing the Game

When Activision announced that they are going to give each studio three years to develop their next game, it was a great opportunity to polish the game to perfection and come up with an impressive product. “But, that also ruled out our options to fail because when we have extra time, we are supposed to make sure that it is utilized promptly and a title worthy to call ours should come out,” said Schofield. The game developers have gone to great lengths to research more and bring a touch of realism to the game. Even though, the story is approximately set a couple of years from now and has futuristic weapons, they didn’t aim to bring in light sabers or spaceships but rather it is the military that is going to have more to fight with.

“We worked with people who are supposed to imagine and create weapons for the future. Later, we brought them to life using CGI,” said the co-founders of Sledgehammer games. The view for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is clear – deliver an outstanding shooter with no compromise.

Realistic Storyline

The lead antagonist played by Kevin Spacey boosted Call of Duty Advanced Warfare’s reach to a great extent because having real actors, especially one who’s as popular as Spacey definitely adds charismatic charm to the story. The game is set in 2025 where Spacey plays Jonathan Irons, a head of a private military organization who heads an invasion. He has lent his voice to the character and has also worked with the motion capture team. We will know how it fairs in November, when Advanced Warfare gets released.

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