Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Has Tough Competition with Battlefield Hardline

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For the first time after a long break, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is officially facing stiff competition against Battlefield Hardline because the latter has an all new single player campaign developed by a company that is known for their best delivery.

DICE was the one that made the Battlefield campaigns earlier, which was often mediocre and didn’t live up to the level that Modern Warfare set. Besides, BF was all about the multiplayer experience and it never had the necessary importance given to this single player campaign.

On the other hand, with companies like Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer and Treyarch, Call of Duty enjoyed the premium position when it related to best single player missions. They created some memorable characters and titles that redefined the first person shooting genre. It is interesting to finally see the franchise being challenged by an equal opponent who knows what they are working on. Visceral games, the team behind the Dead Space franchise is working on Battlefield Hardline and they have a good story up their sleeve. It is about two cops who go astray after some undercover missions and get stuck in the gangster world, where you have to kill, to survive. While this is not the type of military shooter that people expect, it has the potential to be a great game that could challenge Advanced Warfare.

Redefining Technology

The developers at Sledgehammer games spent over two years and an additional year, to polish Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. They have done their research by going through some of the futuristic weapons that the government is already building and has imagined a world, where a third party military corporate takes over the US government. If you haven’t heard about it yet, you might be surprised to know that the game has a gun which is capable of printing 3D bullets on the go and doesn’t require military personnel to reload. In the real world scenario when the gun actually comes into the market, it might be a revolutionary weapon that never runs dry and will keep firing loads of bullets powered by a printer that is securely integrated into its slim frame. This is not the only future tech that the game proposes to bring but there are other elements as well, such as the human tracker grenade, which shows the location of hidden enemies and a mobile ballistic shield which moves along with the player as they take cover from enemies.

Equal Competition

Visceral is taking a new route, where Battlefield series is getting a non-military storyline, for the first time. It definitely sounds exciting and if it has the elements right, players would definitely enjoy it much as they did with GTA 5. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is going to be good without a doubt, but Hardline is close on the lines this time. Unlike its older versions, which were quite bad when compared to titles like Black Ops 2 and MW 3, this one might just hit the right spots.

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