Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Has Mind Blowing Visuals, Says Developers

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“When you play the game, you will see the way the characters react and seeing their facial expression, you might wonder whether it is a live show on a television.

But, later you will come to terms that this is a video game. This is the kind of mind blowing experience that awaits you when playing Call of Duty Advanced Warfare for the first time,” said Joe Salud, art director at Sledgehammer Games. That’s a confident claim to make, but going by the recent video that the developers released on Youtube, it is evident that they are working really hard to make a game that stands out of the crowd. Modern Warfare trilogy was a groundbreaking one not only for the COD franchise but for the entire gaming industry. With over three years in development, Advanced Warfare could be the next big title not just because it has the word ‘warfare’ attached to it once again but because of the work that the team has been putting in.

Bringing Characters to Life

Actor Kevin Spacey is a huge selling point for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and his charisma is sure to impress gamers in an addictive single player campaign. “The job doesn’t end with the casting but you have to bring them to life. Every reaction, every movement and body language of the actor has been captured in minute detail so that you can feel engulfed in the story. We have even tried to capture every flinch and muscle movements which you will witness when the game comes out,” said Christopher Stone, animation director at Sledgehammer gamers. The video goes on to reveal the way actors were made to perform in front of green mats, in Hollywood style and later brought to life with photorealistic expressions. While such improvements were already done in games like Crysis 3 and Battlefield 4, it is a first time for Call of Duty to venture into the visuals department. Compared to the BF series, COD often lacked the visual finesse which seems to be the core focus of the developers this time around.

Apart from all this, the developers have been spending time in developing a dual skeleton system because of the exoskeleton used in the game. The visuals are made in such a way that there will be specific animations for the player as well as a skeleton which operates with multiple mechanics while in motion. After E3 2014, the gamer community is visibly excited about the upcoming title. It is not the usual COD hype but rather because of the efforts that the development team has put in. Sledgehammer is vying to hit the target and they might, given all the hours they have spent in polishing it.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is also the first next gen title because Ghosts were designed with Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 as its primary focus while this game is meant for Xbox One and Playstation 4. The title launches in November on all these platforms and will also get a PC version.

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