Boom Beach: The Perfect Adventure for Game Addicts

Among the plethora of games that flood the android market on a daily basis, there are only a few which actually capture the attention of the interested gamers and become very popular within a short span of time.

Such games are really unique in themselves and they stand out from the rest in terms of their innovative concept, simple usage rules and smart ways of game manipulation. Boom Beach is a game which has all the features of being a great game and a popular one at that.

The game was launched just like any other game, without much pomp or publicity. But it has grabbed a lot of interest and has become a frequently downloaded Android game as people have liked the concept and the design of the game. The game is an action cum strategy game, which allows players to bombard beaches and win resources and trophies. A number of features differentiate the game from other similar games and make it more popular than the rest.

A Variety of Buildings

The game has a variety of buildings like defense structures, training grounds, headquarters, support staffs, troops and other community places. The players can make and destroy buildings or troops at their wish. The objective of the game is to train troops, make them strong, enhance fortification for having a strong defense and then attack beaches in order to gain resources, treasure and trophies. More the players are able to plunder, the more is their treasury and they can build better buildings and train more troops for gaining more advantage over the enemies. Every structure in the game is well designed and attractive and makes Boom Beach look all the more interesting. It is often a thrill to watch how the structures upgrade and the troops grow stronger. All this is done at the will of the player and by simply tapping the buttons on the screen.

A Plethora of Maps

The beaches and maps are a pleasurable layout and they offer a treat to the eyes by virtue of being very realistic. The game has been set and programmed to include the best views possible. On the other hand, while plundering, the destruction design is also very real to look at. This adds a kick to the game and the players are enticed to play it more. Every map is different from others and players can try different places to attack, each having its own share of resources and treasure. The variety of maps makes Boom Beach more fun and more exciting to play.

Online Support and Help

The game is connected online, that is, it is played in real time and so it is easy to seek help in terms of treasure or resources from other players or friends. Boom Beach integrates the social networking factor. And as social sites are very common these days, the game has the benefit of better networking and publicity.

Thus, the game Boom Beach is indeed booming at the android market and is likely to attract more users given the number of new updates it is coming up with.

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