Battlefield Hardline Single Player Will Be Completely Different

Visceral Games, is one busy studio, where the developers are fixing a slew of bugs, trying to do their best to promote Battlefield Hardline as a completely different game.

When the title was initially announced by EA and went into its beta phase, most gamers felt it was nothing but Battlefield 4 with a different skin. The developers are not ready to give up so easily, because they want to prove everyone that this is a game that differs from BF in all possible perspectives. After the beta got over, Visceral made ten significant changes to the game, based on the feedback and another ten more. They are now preparing for another beta which will go live before the official release date in the month of October. Meanwhile, the creative director of the game claims that for the first time, the Battlefield game’s single player campaign is going to be completely different, offering an all new, immersive experience for gamers.

Inspired From TV Series

In the modern era, television series have gone a step ahead by immersing the audience with their exceptional style, action and presentation. The creative director of Battlefield Hardline opines that the single player campaign of the game will be influenced by these series. The game already has multiple actors from the series such as True Detective, Shield and other shows, voicing significant characters in the storyline. “For the first time in the history of the series, Battlefield is going to feature single player campaigns, focused on cops and robbers. It not only allowed us to do something completely different for the game, but for the entire series. The single player missions will be a new experience in the genre,” said Ian Milham, creative director of Battlefield Hardline.

Continuing his stand on the modern games, he said, “The landscape of the gaming is hugely dominated by super soldiers who have a gravelly voice and are out to save the world from its end. The same cannot be applied for cops and robbers because it is an entirely different scenario, where characters should be much more believable and have the authenticity in them. Our world is much more personal and will be easily relatable when the audience experience it from their perspective.” He adds that there won’t be a cut scene for every five minutes, where the evil general will be explaining about a super weapon that he has created, to destroy the world. “It will rather be like the TV crime dramas that you see these days with a similar look and tone that people have come to enjoy now,” said Milham.

A New FPS Experience

“We are aiming to offer a new first person experience and have dared to differ from the usual style. The story is set between the gray area where cops and criminals meet. The players, you will get to see in the story, from both sides, will make it relatable and keep things balanced as you play,” said Milham, adding that there will be choices to tackle any situation and there won’t be a linear forced storyline driven game play.


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