Battlefield 4 – The Game Which Gives You an Adrenaline Rush

Battlefield 4, the latest installment in the highly popular action gaming franchise, is the ultimate action game that you should own.

The game is a first person shooter game and packs in a lot of punches in terms of innovative maps, advanced weapons and superior graphics. The game, developed by EA Digital Illusions CE, has been launched worldwide and on all possible gaming platforms of the modern world, including the XBox One, XBox 360, PS4 and PS5 and has already become one of the most popular action games for Windows. The game is based much on its predecessors and comes with additional features, new techniques and more innovation. As a result, it is already a favorite of both the seasoned gamers as well as the casual ones.

The game allows users to don the role of a shooter and play the game in first person. The user is represented in the game by a simulated player and the user controls all the actions of the player. The game allows the users to train, combat, shoot and raid places, all according to their wish. There are several missions to be completed, which gives a sense of motivation and keeps the interest alive in the Battlefield 4. The game has excellent graphics and display which makes it more real. There are several other reasons which have made this such a popular game.

Single and Multiplayer Options

The game Battlefield 4 can be played by a single player or can also be played in a group using the multi player option. This makes the game more interesting. Critics have rated the game highly in the multiplayer format and the game runs just perfectly in that mode. However, some seasoned gamers tend to not like the single player format because of the small lags that occur or because of the monotonous nature of the game. In the single player format, there are not many strategies that can be formed or many tricks that can be displayed. While in the multiplayer format, it is possible to formulate and reformulate strategies and plans and execute them together. This makes multiplayer gaming more fun and because of the highly advanced gaming consoles like the XBox and the PS4, the game experience can be enhanced by leaps and bounds.

Great Graphics to Flaunt

The game is a visual delight and has great graphics. Each instance of the game can be viewed as if it is for real and the game runs well on all the new gaming consoles. The game has slightly higher requirements owing to the use of high quality graphics and a number of advanced options that have been incorporated in the game. The graphics, the great planning that has gone into the making of the game and the innovative suits and weapons are a major attraction for all the action fanatics and shooters.

The game has already become very popular and is likely to grab more attention over the coming months. So get on to the Battlefield 4 and be an ace fighter.

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