Battlefield 4 Gets Dragon Teeth DLC on July 29

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After getting rid of some annoying bugs and glitches, Electronic Arts is finally gearing up to bring one more DLC titled Dragon’s Teeth to Battlefield 4.

When the game got released, players were furious, claiming that it was nearly unplayable and didn’t deliver the amazing experience that it promised. Despite repetitive patches released by the developer DICE, it didn’t reach the level that it was originally meant to be. To cool off players and to make sure they don’t lose a massive audience, EA announced that the downloadable content and maps for the game will be postponed for a while, until the problem is sorted out.

CTE to Make Battlefield 4 Better

Recently, they established the community testing environment, also known as CTE which witnessed moderate success and got rid of those pesky bugs that killed players, even when they were hidden and allowed them to move freely over rubble, without getting stuck. In order to avoid such issues one more time, with their upcoming game Battlefield Hardline, the company has decided to have two different beats before the game gets launched. The first beta is already over and a series of bugs have already been fixed. The announcement was officially made in their blog which was a good move from the publishers and it looks Hardline may not be annoying, at least in technical terms, even though it’s success rate can be confirmed only upon release. Meanwhile, after taking all these essential steps to safeguard their franchise, EA and DICE have finally decided to release the Dragon’s Teeth DLC. It looks like the company accidentally confirmed it in a Twitter tweet and later removed it.

Premium Users Get It on July 15

According to the tweet made in the Origin Twitter account, Battlefield 4 is all set to receive Dragon Teeth DLC on July 15 for all Premium users. The publishers are also encouraging more people to buy the premium pack, for which a strong 20% discount was announced on the same. But, the lifetime of the tweet was short lived, because, EA removed it within a matter of minutes and later posted the same news, without a specific date. If we go by the date, it is confirmed that the release date for the DLC for all users could be July 29 because premium users usually get it two weeks earlier. Based on these, it is assumed that this could be the release date and there seldom could be a change to it, because, it is time to bring in the new maps, to keep the game rolling. It may not be delayed further and the date was most probably an accidental leak but is confirmed news from the official people.

The DLC brings new maps including Propaganda, Pearl Market, Lumphini Garden and Sunken Dragon. It also brings five new weapons and new vehicles for you to drive through. Among them, the remote operated R.A.W.R. is a notable vehicle and the ballistic shield is an important addition to look forward to. It also brings a new game mode named Chain Link.

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