AVG Free vs Avast Free vs Avira – Top Free Antivirus Programs

Finding a good antivirus program can be as hard as keeping viruses out of your computer itself. The problem with a large number of antivirus programs is that instead of helping, and actually doing something, they usually stress you out more than the actual virus, becomes it constantly pop up and asks you to update or pay or something of that nature. But when it comes to actual threats, they can’t seem to be able to do much. You can however, find good solutions for your antivirus problem, as there are reliable options out there, and some are even free.

AVG Free

AVG’s free version comes with all the features you might expect from an antivirus program. The AVG ( Anti-Virus Guard) program also has a paid version, and the problem is, that if you have the free version you will always get bothered by annoying messages telling you to upgrade your software to premium. Another problem with AVG is the fact that AVG Free gets updates later than AVG premium, therefore, it can just so happen that you get hit by a virus that AVG protects against, because you have AVG Free, which does not, at the moment.

Avast Free

Avast is an antivirus program, just like AVG. It also has features that come with AVG, such as background scanning or auto updates. The good thing about Avast, when compared to AVG, is the fact that it doesn’t display annoying notifications about updating to a paid version constantly. It does however show these notifications, but only when you update or it catches a dangerous virus that could have damaged your system. Using Avast is free, as you get one month of free Avast when you download it. When that month is over, you can get another full year of free use by signing up for an account, for free. A year later, you’ll need a new account if you want to keep using Avast without getting your wallet out.


Avira  has all the features the other two have, because there isn’t much difference between free antivirus programs. A big difference is the fact that Avira doesn’t spam you with upgrade suggestions, always trying to make you upgrade to their paid version and such. This is what sets Avira aside from the rest of free antivirus programs, and makes it the winner of today’s comparison.

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